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Best places to see in Taiwan

This destination has been on my radar for a while but sooner or later I knew I would get the chance to visit Taiwan and what better way to explore the city than with the experts of Taiwan’s Tourism Board.

Taiwan is known as the heart of Asia due to its strategic location and I wouldn’t deny that this trip was an eye-opener into the culture, tradition and attractions of this wonderful country. Even though this trip was just for a week I could see myself here for weeks discovering the beauty of the majestic, Taiwan.

If this is your first visit here, there are places you should surely add in your list.

Taipei – Your trip would be incomplete if you didn’t have the chance to spend some time in the capital Taipei, it’s busy, lively and full of life. Here you find some fabulous restaurants including the famous Din Tai Fung, apart from restaurants you can indulge in activities like Hiking to Elephant Mountain, visit the observatory or visit some of their adorable markets.

Sun Moon Lake – Nature at its best, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the largest lake of Taiwan this place is a sure competitor for Taiwan’s must-see places. If you get the chance to catch the sunset here and feel close to the marvellous beauty of Taiwan’s nature. There are many activities to keep you occupied here, you could go cycling, hiking, enlighten yourself with the Aboriginal culture, see some temples or cruise across the lake.

Taroko National Park – Had the opportunity to stay in this gem of a place for a night, and I cannot stress how much I enjoyed my time here. Taking in the scenic views of Taipei Mountains, gorges, their rivers and most importantly getting a sense of their respected culture. Taroko National Park is beautiful and they have a couple of trails as well, a definite must-visit.

Alishan – Make sure to catch the sunrise here, you won’t regret. It’s one of the best attractions in Taiwan known for its scenic beauty. My friend’s shared some beautiful pictures from ‘Chusan’ where you can admire the dramatic colours of the sunrise. I would advise spending the night in the forest to make the most of your time here also so that you can appreciate this sight of Taiwan. You can even take the famous Alishan Forest Railway which goes through some beautiful parts of the forest.

Yushan National Park – Home to Taiwan’s highest mountain peak this place is a delight for people who love nature and enjoy hiking. Pick one of their appealing trails and marvel at the wonderful sights Yushan National Park has to offer. This place also offers numerous spots to camp or you could check out a few of their accommodation options too. The wildlife here is spectacular, particularly the birds and the butterflies. Even if you don’t have the time to spend the night here a drive around the area is recommended to give you a little sight into this wilderness.

Rainbow Village – Talk about diversity and colours and this is the place which will surprise you. This charming town of Taiwan is quite a hit among tourists due to the splash of colour you get to witness but apart from that it even has an intriguing history attached to it. Huang Yong-Fu who inhabited this village started to paint the town out of boredom until later it was discovered by a few students who petitioned to save the houses from being demolished.

Kaohsiung – This city is magnificent, the night markets here, the shopping scene, amusement parks and the street food. Known for the biggest port in Taiwan this city is bustling and becoming pretty busy as it’s also one of the largest cities out here. Make sure to check out Dome of Lights, Lotus Lake, and Fo Guang Shan Monastery.

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