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Must see attractions in Bled, Slovenia


It’s hard not to attach yourself to this lovely town of Slovenia. I could sit by the lake and spend hours viewing the beauty of Bled, but in case you are short on time, these are some of the unmissable things here:-

Bled Castle – One of the main attractions here is the castle, ten minutes walk up the hill from the car park, and you get to familiarise yourself with the history of this town. Soak in the view from here and don’t miss out on the picture opportunity of the lake.

Vintgar Gorge – You can walk through the gorge only during the summer time as in winter this place is closed due to safety reasons so make sure to plan well in advance. The stream has created some amusing features such as ponds, which eventually ends up in the Sum falls.

Pustolovski Park Bled – This is an outdoor amusement park in Bled and will be a fun-filled day, so if you are a family with kids you would surely enjoy your time here. Attractions such as zip lining, hiking or climbing tracks are one of the 81 actives here.

Ojstrica – A 20min walk up to the hill will get you to one of the hills in Bled. The serene and picturesque view is well worth the walk, so don’t miss out on this.

Straza Bled – This is a Ski resort in Bled so if you love adventure spend some quality days at this resort and ski to your heart’s content.

Bled is a picture postcard town and while leaving this place, I did promise myself to come back again and see it in a different colour walk during the spring or summer time.

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