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Best things to see in Serifos

Serifos, another unspoiled and underrated island of Greece Cyclades. This island might be small but don’t go on the size as it has all the features to make your Greek vacation awesome and rememberable. Serifos, is not only charming but also has a unique history to it, back in the days it was under the Roman Empire and was used as a place for exile, unfortunately, but that changed quickly after the economic boom from mining.

Chora/Hora – You might wonder why are there stone walls surrounding the main town but back in the day these walls protected the residents from the pirates and any other unforeseen attack. Chora today is divided into two parts which are lower (Kato Chora) and upper (Pano Chora).

In the lower Chora, you can witness the theatre of Serifos and Folklore museum and in the upper town, you come across the delightful Agios Athanasios Church, and the pleasing town hall. Later, on you can even grab a bite at the Piazza Square.

Mining sites of Serifos – This island has long mining history, and hiking the mining trail is a pretty good way to make yourself familiar with the island and also to see the historic site. From Chora, you can start by taking The Miners Road, one which was used by the miners and don’t forget to check out the open-air museum of the mining history, which is towards the end.

Mines in Serifos

Near Megalo Livadi, you can witness the loading ladder which influences the landscape of Megalo Livadi. Back in the days, this town was famous for its mining business, alternatively, if you do have time do check out the neoclassical mansion used by Grohmann for the administration of the mining business.

Beaches of Serifos – If you love the sea then you are in for a sweet treat as Serifos offers a whooping 72 beaches! Some popular and charming beaches here are Vagia, Platis Gialos, Psili Ammos and Ganema.

Cyclops Throne – There are countless Greek tales you must have heard over the years but the one which is famous around Serifos is of Medusa and the one-eyed Cyclops. On the Cyclops cape, you can see the throne and if that doesn’t impress you the view sure will.


Religious sites – On every island of Greece there are more than a few churches or monasteries and Serifos doesn’t lead behind. This island has around 115 churches but the ones which might interest you are the Church of Taxiarhes, Monastery of Evangelistria and Church of Panagia.

Castle of the Old Woman – This tiny castle which is also known as Grias Castle is in a state of ruin but I would still urge you to visit it for the view of the Aegean sea from high up the hill, it’s not too far from the main town.

While Serifos is a quiet and calm island unlike its neighbours it does get slightly busy during the night, and the best place to enjoy your night out would be at the Livadi harbour or the popular Yacht Club.

Livadi Harbour

How to reach:-
So this island, unfortunately, doesn’t have an airport so the only way here is by ferry but don’t worry as the ferry connection here is pretty good, it’s connected to Athens along with some nearby islands such as Sifnos, Naxos or Paros.

Where to stay:-
I would say stick to the Livadi (port), but if you are looking for a more authentic experience then choose Chora. Hotels and rental places are easily available all year round, but it would be ideal to book in advance.

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