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Best two days in Sifnos

Sifnos is a tiny island of Greece and if you are looking to move away from the crowds and relax on a completely raw Greek island, then this is the place to be. You can reach here by a ferry from Athens and you will be immediately transported to an alluring Greek paradise.

Apollonia, the heart of the island – Start your day by visiting the Kastro village where you find the monastery of Prophet Elias Ipsilos, followed by a tour to the Archeological museum, Folklore Pop Art Museum and the Church of the Seven Martyrs. You can even enjoy the sunrise from the enchanting Seralia Bay.

Further away from the main town, roughly about 2km away you will come across the famous archaeological site of Acropolis of Agios Andreas from where you can even get a view of the nearby island Paros.

Sifnos Kastro

Explore Artemonas – Just a few minutes drive away from Apollonia is another famed town of Sifnos. Here you can grab some breakfast, stroll around the alleyways and don’t forget to grab something from Theodorou which is a popular dessert shop here. Did you know in September this small town even hosts a festival of Cycladic Gastronomy, so surely don’t miss out on the chance to try some food here!

Hiking – Many people come to this island to indulge in some good hiking sessions and Sifnos has a pretty decent walking path to marked trails. Some of them are from the village of Faros going through Glifo Beach and ending at Chrissopigi Monastery. Another prominent route is from Artemonas to Panagia Poulati Church and ending at Kastro.

Beaches of Sifnos – If you come to Greece you have to see some of their exotic beaches and in Sifnos some of the graceful ones are Platys Gialos Beach which has some local restaurants and tavernas too, followed by Vathi beach and lastly Kamares beach.

Platys Gialos Beach

Chrissopigi Monastery – Well, it is said that there are around 200+ churches in Sifnos and each one has its distinctive character but the one which stole my heart was a lovely monastery built-in 1640 if legends to be believed many miracles connected to Virgin Mary took place here.

Adventure across the little towns of Sifnos – If you have the time and are willing to know more about Sifnos why not visit some of the classic villages here. Start with the tiny fishing village of Cheronissos which has an adorable beach too, another appealing one wrapped in true Greek beauty is the fishing village of Faros. If you are keen to travel more then check out Exambela, Keto Petali and Katavati too.


While there are many islands you can choose from to visit but Sifnos has this captivating aura that is so pure and spending some time on this island will make you completely relax and enjoy the little things in life.

How to get to Sifnos:-
There are no airports on this island so your only option is a ferry from Athens, the Kamares port of Sifnos also has connections from other islands such as Paros, Serifos, and for a more detailed schedule, you can rely on Ferryhoppers website.

Where to stay:-
This island boasts several hotels and Airbnb’s so finding accommodation shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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