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Eauzone, a tropical paradise in One&Only Royal Mirage

Dubai has an overwhelming number of restaurants and to find a few which stand out from the rest is quite a difficult task but after trying a couple of hundreds I can easily pick up a few of my favourites which stand out from the rest.

After spending oddly fifteen years in Dubai and trying out at least two new restaurants in a week I can undoubtedly say which ones are here to stay from the ones which won’t have a chance!

Recently I visited Eauzone in the tranquil One & Only Royal Mirage, it was like being in the Maldives but in Dubai, the beautiful beach, the lovely set up and the appetising food made this my new favourite restaurant, and like me if you are heading there too there are few dishes which you should definitely try:-

Seabass and Coconut Milk Ceviche – This one is absolutely refreshing and the sour texture with a hint of sweetness from the coconut milk gives it a good balance, it’s crunchy due to the onions and tastes pleasant with the cherry tomatoes and mango. 

Spicy Salmon Tacos – I am a big fan of Tacos, but even though they are available so easily not every restaurant gets it right but at Eauzone they have aced the recipe. The tacos have a decent stuffing and the spicy miso sauce makes it equally divine, I could gobble down a few of these.

Sando Japanese Style Beef Sandwich – The juicy meat was oozing with flavours and the buttery toast with spicy mayo makes it even better, I usually never go for a sandwich as my main but this one was an exception because of its excellent flavours.

Chicken Satay – I really like this Indonesian dish but not all restaurants cook it well, it’s either overcooked or undercooked, or even worse lacking in moisture. At Eauzone it is accompanied by a spicy peanut sauce and fried rice which makes this simple dish pretty delightful.

Mango Creme Brûlée – Trust me, this is a must order especially after all those succulent dishes. With a side of my coffee, this cooling dessert was hands down the best treat to end my absolutely amazing time at Eauzone!

If you are in or around Marina, a visit to this restaurant won’t let you down, it’s perfect for families and couples, I surely see myself going here quite often now.

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