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Brasserie 2.0 – BBQ Night, Le Meridien Beach Resort

Neither a media event nor any occasion still this place is buzzing with people, this is a sign of a good restaurant which keeps people coming back entirely for the food. My first visit to Brassiere 2.0 was excellent and now when I heard they recently started their Thursday Night BBQ night I made time out to try this place again.image

Live Music, Aromatic smell of meat grilling, pleasant climate and glorious food. Apart from this you just need a attractive date to make this dinner more worth it. Even a finicky eater might agree that this place is a gem in all. With Indian, Asian, American, Italian an a mix of many more cuisines this sounds like the place which works hard to please it’s people.image

Hurriedly I found myself queing for the Juicylicious Burgers and some smoking grills. My husband on the other hand starts his way with a light soup moving onto hot Pizza’s and steaming pasta’s. While I already feel full I still gulp on some gravies and roast with my favorite pepper and mushroom sauce. After this meal all I could think was to go home and jump in my cozy bed but not without a small bite of some sweets. Even though there are a few varieties I stuck to the traditional side and had a small portion of Umm Ali and to satisfy my chocolate craving a bite of Chocolate pudding.image

While we were done with the satisfying dinner you might want to stick out for longer since the foot tapping music is so enjoyable to the ears.image

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