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A Peruvian restaurant which is here to stay!

As the name indicates, Waka is another Peruvian restaurant in Dubai, but unlike others can this place surpass the typical glam dining and prove to be the real deal. Being a relatively big restaurant situated in The Oberoi the place does give out a peppy vibe, and the bar situation looks on point but what’s the food like?

The menu has everything from what you would like to expect, from Ceviche, Tacos, Maki Rolls, Tapas, Salads and some signature specialties as well. Confidently start your order with some Guacamole with some crisp nachos, and for ceviche why not try the Sea Bass Ceviche. It’s full of lush and fresh flavors. Another interesting dish on our table was the ‘Carne Y Trufa’, the chef personally comes and garnishes the wagyu meat on your table giving out an impressive show.

Quinoa Risotto, I do know it sounds odd, why would you serve risotto with Quinoa? But trust me the textures and flavors make this dish simply outstanding. The truffle flavors are evident and cannot get better than this. Apart from this ‘Chaufa’ is a wondrous mixture of seafood and rice which makes a good blend of flavors. The grilled Chicken with their tangy chimichurri sauce makes a light main, nothing too extravagant but still makes a decent main.

In a Peruvian restaurant I mostly opt for the Tres Le Che, but this time we tried the Caramel Cheesecake which probably was a good idea instead of the usual Tres Le Che.

Surely, Waka did impress me, and I look forward to dining here and for more future events.

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