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A day in Doha – Qatar

Apart from being one of the richest countries in the world Qatar has quite a bit of history, forts and cultural highlight which is pretty evident on your visit here. The ideal time to visit this city would be during the winters as the scorching heat during the summer wouldn’t be preferred by many. From Michelin Star restaurants to extravagant malls, Qatar’s capital Doha is a mix of old and new.

If you are planning a day trip to the upcoming city Doha, these are some attractions which surely need to be ticked off your bucket list.

Souq Waqif – Old mud clad walls with veiled women and attired Qatari men selling some local food and products is visible all around the Souq. You can either shop for some souvenir or sit back and smoke Sheesha while gazing at the passerby. This is not only a tourist destination but also many locals are seen spending time here; it’s something you wouldn’t want to miss on your visit to Doha.

The Museum Of Islamic Art – This fascinating museum is filled with treasured Islamic artefacts, and if you are intrigued to know a more about this beautiful religion, this is the place to be.

Corniche – Boasting of a marvellous coast line you can sit back and enjoy the views from here or just drive past their beautiful waterfront promenade. You can also take a picture near their Pearl structure which attracts a lot of tourists.

The Pearl Qatar – This man made Island got its name from the fact that it was a pearl diving site previously and today you can stroll around this island, shop some luxury brands, eat at some fabulous cafes or just be awestruck by the view from the marina.

Katara Cultural Village – Consisting of an Opera house, theatre, restaurants, and an amphitheatre this place should surely be on your list of places to see in Doha. You can spend hours wandering here, without getting tedious. Katara is a place where you can witness the traditional Qatari culture in line with the modern times.


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