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Book A few extra days in Dubai, just to explore this palatial resort

Staying in Dubai we are spoilt for choices, and it is hard to get impressed when it comes to architecture and the numerous hotels present here, everyone is special and to pick a favorite among them is a relatively tough job. With my love to finding the best and the finest properties in Dubai which go beyond just the usual hype around them, today I was at One&Only Royal Mirage to see if they are more than just a luxurious name chain.

With the constant passion for being exceptional One&Only Royal Mirage, did a remarkable job when it comes to making your getaway as memorable as they can. This weekend I was staying at one of their Junior Suites in the Residence, surrounded by lush palm trees, a serene beach, and a pool view, I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this.

Don’t be deceived by the looks of the reception area this might look tiny but this resort is palatial, and henceforth, that’s why you need a buggy and a shuttle service to drop you from one place to another.

Services :-

Don’t underestimate the staff here, they are well prepared and are at your service. Courteous, friendly and most importantly well informed, room service is 24/7 and so is the in room dining option, but with the 12 restaurants, cafes and bars would you really want to order in your room?

If you are in Dubai, you need to try their Spa or the Hamam, feel completely rejuvenated with their de-stress massages, and in case you don’t get availability the steam, sauna and jacuzzi are always there to the rescue.

Room :-

Coming to the main highlight which was my junior suite, I have to mention the mix of the traditional and modern decor which gives character to this heavenly abode. From a sea facing balcony to a division between the room and the lounge, including a ravishing bathroom, you will be in for an exotic affair.

Another intriguing information about this magnificent resort is the division between the Residence and The Palace hotel. So if you want more for your money, I would suggest you book the Residence as they have access to both the properties and it feels a bit more private. Nonetheless, The Palace as well has quite a lot of facilities, so don’t be disheartened.

Verdict :-

If you have to find a flaw with this property, you would be in for one tough job as they make sure to tick every box on that wish list. One and Only resorts worldwide already have a thriving reputation, and this one here in Dubai just does the needful of making this place one trophy holiday choice.

For more details head onto – One&Only Royal Mirage Dubai

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