Sheraton Grand Hotel – A getaway I am happy I took

Always submerged in work I keep looking for ways to getaway over the weekend and what better way then to go on a staycation. This week my staycation began at the fairly new Sheraton Grand Hotel, even though there are plenty of Sheraton’s in this small city of mine but this one is grander, modern and has a scenic view you can’t complain about.image

Being a loyal fan of SPG group I kinda knew this stay will be something many of my friends and family will envy. Being on the 31st floor and having the privilege of staying in one of their suites which has its own VIP check inn with a 24hr club lounge excess, isn’t this what many of us dream of having especially for that luxurious stay we can boast about. Well, I wouldn’t deny I was over the moon and the cozy room with elegant bathroom did make me think twice to extend my stay here for another few days.image

As you walk into the room you instantly get a homely feeling and you just don’t have a room but also a private living area to entertain your guests with a minibar full of goodies and sweets. Oh and to separate the bedroom from the living space a partition door to keep your privacy. The room has it’s own charm with a semi open bathroom, a mini closet and not to forget a dressing table, wouldn’t this be any girls fairlytale room?image

The surprise just doesn’t end their, their restaurant Feast has a Friday brunch which would put many restaurants buffet to shame. Their white marbled impressive restaurant is something you should try especially for a fun family afternoon.image

With a full stomach I moved onto my Shine spa. Where the most warm hearted staff gave me a 60min of complete blissful relaxation after which I hit the powerful jacuzzi and had my senses soak in this tranquillize treatment.image

Such a hard day could only end up with a deep sleep on my soft bed. Getting up with a peaceful mind I made my way to the club lounge where we enjoyed a big English Breakfast with the best view of My Dubai anyone could get.image

I feel extremely bad to check out of this gorgeous hotel but I am sure I be back soon especially to relive the Feast brunch again. Thanks Sheraton Grand Hote for making this a worthwhile stay.image

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My love to try new food and cuisines evolved while I explored my beautiful city of Dubai and over the years this love has become a passion. What better way to connect with people then through my blog.


  • S
    April 5, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Nice review Sana, of a wonderful hotel.

    Agree that the Sheraton Grand is an exceptional hotel, especially the levels of service throughout the hotel (but especially the Club Lounge).

    Always enjoy visiting there, it’s wonderful when the staff recognise you and with a natural warmth and friendliness, rather than a forced ‘corporate’ personality some hotel staff portray.

    Feast is a terrific venue for dining, especially the buffet and brunch, and (typical of Dubai) there’s always too much choice – always appreciated, but often a challenge to the diet 😉

    Although I stayed there a lot during the ‘soft opening’ phase, whilst the wonderful Novikov wasn’t open and there were a few minor hiccups with the car parking outside (to be expected with the construction works and the busy-ness of the service road), the staff did everything and more to welcome and provide exceptional service.

    The rooms are very good, especially the suites, and have a unique style to them that’s not often found in some hotels. It’s no surprise that Sheraton are holding the Grand as their flagship hotel brand, with Dubai being the first of many.

    What I like best about the hotel is although it’s new, flashy, stunning, unique etc. it still retains the genuine warmth and individual attention to guest’s needs.

    Looks like it’s a favourite for both of us, and thanks again for a lovely post 🙂

    • SanaOnFood
      April 8, 2016 at 8:31 am

      Thank you for taking time and reading my review. I love to see how we both share the same loyalty for SPG hotel. AND Feast is surely a great place for brunch. I hope to see you some day and share my amazing stories of food and stays. Till then have a happy weekend 🙂


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