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Best attractions in Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb is becoming an extremely popular tourist destination, and with many of the major airlines flying into this country, it has become an affordable country with great attractions. I went to Zagreb in winter and was blessed to see their winter market which has won the worlds best Christmas market award. The glittery and shimmery decor adds charming character to this beautiful city.Having a versatile topography, you can even venture to the nearby countries either for a day trip or a weekend getaway but if you would like to discover just Zagreb, this itinerary would you to plan your day.

I took a walking tour of the city which lasted for around three hours with Kamauf Tours, and they organised the trip according to my preference.

Gornji Grad – This is one of the older areas of Zagreb, but this district is surrounded with historic buildings and has some of the top rated attractions like a few cathedrals, church and also the parliament. A walk around this area will give you an opportunity to know Zagreb better.

Zagreb Cathedral – This gothic cathedral forms the skyline of Zagreb and is one of the sacred monument of the city. Surprisingly this is also one of the tallest building in Croatia. The two twin towers have been in a permanent state of repair for quite some time now, but it still attracts a ton of tourists.

Ban Jelačic Square – Known as one of the main squares of the city this place is mostly crowded, and there is always something happening around here, be it an event, festival or a concert. This epic square has been part of Zagreb since the 17th century, and today it has also become one of the meeting points for many locals and tourists.

Lotrščak tower – Build in the 13th century this tower was used as a watching deck to prevent the city from any attacks. The highlight of this tower is their cannon which is still used today. You can also walk up the viewing deck and get eagles eye view of the city.

Maksimir Park – Being one of the oldest parks in the city you can estimate the importance of this place. Inside the park, you can even visit the zoo, initially this park used to be further away from the city but today its just a few stops, from the main square.

Museum of Broken Relationships – As odd as it sounds this is a unique museum in Zagreb. They have a collection of personal objects which form part of someone’s broken relationships. I am not very fond of museums, but this one did grasp my attention.

Dolac Market – Interested to see the fresh produce and how the local’s shop? Every day this farmers market is set up and opened to the public until 3 pm, you can get reasonable flowers, veggies and fruits from here. It’s one of the oldest markets, so gets pretty busy but surely one of the places to visit if you are a foodie or intrigued to know more about fresh produce.

Zagreb, 050516.
Trznica Dolac.
Foto: Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

Tkalciceva Street – Walk down this street to see the vibrant nightlife of Zagreb, filled with restaurants, and nightclubs this is an ideal place to have dinner. Being a typical tourist spot, the restaurants do charge a premium, but you will surely have a good time here. The street is well lit up and has a charming character to it which makes this my favourite street in Zagreb.

Even though Zagreb has so many attractions, these are few musts see, especially if you are short on time. Most of the sights are walking distance and do make it a point to use their tram as it’s one of the highlights of this city. I used it to go from the old town to Maksimir Park. Zagreb is genuinely one beautiful city which I would love to visit again.

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