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Rovaniemi’s Best Activities to Experience

In the land of Santa Claus, reindeers, huskies and tons of snow, this is where my next getaway got me. I was always fascinated by the lady aurora dancing in the sky’s and overwhelmed by activities which can be experienced here in Rovaniemi, Lapland. This destination should be on your list as the experiences you get here are ‘once in a lifetime’. I have been grateful to visit quite a few countries but nothing like Finland, this holiday was so different from the rest of the places and at the same time each and every activity got me a gush of emotions which is hard to describe in words. 

It was a short winter break but rest assured I am coming back again. This city has magic in the air, and regardless of their harsh winters, it is still voted one of the happiest countries in the world, Finland you got my heart and soul.

Some of the activities which you need to book yourself in Rovaniemi are:-

Husky Sleigh – Who doesn’t love these adorable little dogs? Here in Rovaniemi, you can book a sleigh for two and head for a ride of your life. I took a one hour ride with six handsome huskies. The views you get to gaze at is unbelievably beautiful, I wish the ride never ended.

Reindeer Sleigh – Even thought the husky ride was much faster and steady the reindeer ride is another experience. I got to ride a white reindeer which is a very rare breed. Sit comfortably in your sleigh with a warm blanket and enjoy the wonderful reindeer ride.

Aurora Light – Book yourself an aurora hunting tour as this one is an experience which you cannot miss at any cost. You are given appropriate winter clothing and photography tips to capture the Best colours of the magnificent lady Aurora. Hope the luck is on your side as this one completely depends on the weather.

Meet Santa at Santa Village – Arctic Circle being the home of my favourite Santa Claus you cannot miss meeting him here. Be a kid or an adult the excitement of meeting the old man is surreal.  Not only you can meet him but also send a postcard to your friends and family from Santa’s post office.

Ice breaker Sampo – Take an ice breaker cruise and experience something unbelievable, there are transfers available from Rovaniemi to Kemi where this activity takes place. After a while, you even have the chance to float in the glaciers but don’t worry you don’t feel the cold as you are wearing a waterproof suit.

 Arktikum – To know more about the Lapland and our world this is a great place of discoveries and makes for an outstanding learning centre. I took a guided tour here and was impressed by the knowledge of our guide Frank. On a good night, you can even see the Northern lights from its enormous glass dome.


Snowman World – This place is fascinating especially at times when it’s warmer outside and it’s still freezing inside this snowman world. The ice sculptures are marvellous and I spent a good amount of time here and also had a chance to savour some great lunch dishes.


Ranua Wildlife Park – Unlike any zoo this place feels more like a national park and walking along the 2.8km trail you will witness some marvellous species of Arctic animals be it polar bear, wolves, bears or deers. This place is worth visiting especially if you are an animal lover.

In this fairy tale of a city, you will be flooded by a plethora of activities and never have a dull moment. Rovaniemi has made me believe in magic yet again and I can’t wait to visit this magnificent city in summer to experience The Midnight Sun.

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