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Hotel Kamp, Luxury in Helsinki

Waking up in the beautiful city of Helsinki has always been a dream and since I was living one I had to make sure everything was as perfect as I had visualised. Even though my trip was planned for a mere three day it was more than enough to see the city, devour over some delicious food, tick my bucket list attractions and enjoy some free time at my hotel lounging and relaxing.


The luxury collection has a varied range of hotel properties around the world and choosing one of their hotels was an easy bet to make sure everything went well. Stayed at the junior suite of Hotel Kamp which is located in the heart of the city and a few steps away from the Helsinki Design District.

The hotel has a Victorian charm and the theme is well incorporated all along the room decor too. My Junior Suite had a tiny library, window facing the square, and an amazing bathroom with an enormous bathtub. I can’t emphasise enough about the warmth and hospitality I received, being in this cold city I needed an extra pair of a blanket and the staff not only looked after my need but also provided for a spare heater which kept me warm and cosy most of the time.

The sauna culture is huge in Finland and if you splurge a bit more you even get a sauna in one of their special suites. How amazing does it feel to unwind in one, especially in the comfort of your room?

On my last day in Helsinki we decided to wake up early and relish on some waffles and sunny side ups, the breakfast selection was decent and it definitely filled us up.

My stay in Helsinki was not only enjoyable but also magnificently beautiful as this city had been on my list for a very long time and staying in one of the finest hotels of the city made it so memorable.

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