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One day itinerary for Pisa

Tuscany region of Italy does have some great gems of cities to visit and one such place which is famous among many is quite easily “Pisa”. People from all around the globe come here to witness the most famous Leaning Tower of Pisa but not many know that apart from the tower there are many more marvellous structures around town which deserve a visit. 

Pisa apart from its attractions is also renowned for its art and culture, it is also the birthplace of the scientist Galileo Galilei and has a thriving university which attracts many students. Some of the main highlights of the city which you can visit in a day are:-

Piazza dei Miracoli – This undoubtedly is the main square of the town, flooded with tourists and attractions this is the place to start your tour. The highlight of the square is the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is situated here so don’t just admire it but also make the most of this opportunity and climb it. Apart from the tower, you can even visit the Cathedral and the Baptistery, both of which are equally important. Just a few steps from here is also the Cathedral Museum and the Museum of Synopses. You will take around an hour or so to see most of the highlights after which you can make your way to the city to see more of its sights.

Corso Italia – After that intense sightseeing spend some time strolling around Corso Italia. This is one of the main shopping streets of the city and you can find plenty of shops and cafeterias along the line. It’s got the tag of being the high street of Pisa and many tourists flock around here to get a good bargain on their shopping.

Arno River – Walk across the banks of the River Arno, it’s peaceful and calming. Along the way you will even spot the famous church Santa Maria della Spina it is made in Gothic style and has been a part of Pisa’s history for the longest time. It has also gone through a lot of changes due to its proximity to the river. Apparently, a relic from Christ’s crown was kept here for a brief period of time and was later moved to another church. Further on, you will even find a bridge ‘Ponte di Mezzo’ from where you can take a good picture of the river.

Piazza dei Cavalieri – Back in the days this square would be the site for a roman forum and later the headquarter of the Orders of the knights of St Stephen. Today, it is surrounded by some churches and university buildings. It’s a peaceful square, just a few minutes away from Piazza dei Miracoli. In the centre of the square, you will even find a statue of the Duke of Tuscany.

Borgo Stretto – This narrow arcade street is lined with restaurants, cafes and shops. It’s a lively street to stroll around in the evening, in the recent few years this street is dominated by a few big brands and is driving a lot of tourists. It is a car-free street so you can enjoy the walk and pass by some of the buildings built in the 14th and 15th century.

These are some of the best things to do around the city but if time permits you can even head to the National Museum of San Matteo or relax at the Cittadella Nuova park which has been a part of the city since the 1930s. I would love to know what you did on your visit to Pisa, so let me know your experiences.

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