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Day Trips from Tokyo

Tired from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo’s metropolitan life and want to take a break from the city? I have made a list of five fantastic places you can venture too for a day’s contentment. While my stay in Tokyo, I didn’t get to visit all of them but after an intense session of research I would surely want to visit most of the destinations mentioned below:-

Mt Fuji and Hakone – Not only tourists but even locals take a trip to Mt. Fuji. On my trip here, I heard stories about trekking on this beautiful mountain and I wish I too could do that someday. After spending a few hours around Mt.Fuji I even took a cruise on Lake Ashi which was later followed by a cable car to Hakone. Here you can witness the steam from the volcanic activities happening below. 

Another interesting thing to do here is eating the infamous black egg and black ice-cream, make sure to queue early as these tend to run out.

Kamakura – If you are a lover of history and culture, a trip to Kamakura should surely be on your agenda. This city has quite a few festivals so planning your trip around one would make you witness the traditional side of this town too. Usually, tourists go here to have a look at the Kotoko-in temple which is popular for its enormous Buddha.

Capture some fascinating pictures at the Hokoku-jail which is also known for its scenic background of Bamboos. If you are travelling with kids, a visit to the aquarium would be appreciated.

A 55min train ride from Tokyo, this is a city dedicated to culture, history and traditions.

Nikko – One of the most photographed bridges is in Nikko, and the Shinkyo bridge connecting the two hills has an abundance of shrines and temples. Around the city, you can find tons of restaurants and shops, but Nikko is usually known for its national park and waterfalls. A must visit here is the Kegon Waterfall which is stunningly beautiful, it had a calming effect on me.

Edo Wonderland is also another place to feel visually surprised by the overwhelming Japanese culture.

Jigokudani snow monkey park – If you are a monkey lover this park will be a pleasant surprise for your soul. The monkeys gather around a pool and take refuge, it’s their natural habitat, and the tourists are prohibited from touching or feeding them. It’s usually recommended to visit it during winter when the park is covered with snow, and the monkeys are happily soaking themselves in the hot spring water.

It’s intriguing to see these monkeys interacting with each other and living in perfect harmony.

Yokohama – Less then an hour away from Tokyo this city reminds me of a smaller version of Las Vegas, it’s happening and diverse. The best part of this city, in my opinion, was the Cup Noodle and Ramen museum, it’s so intriguing and an experience which you will remember for a lifetime. If you happen to visit this city in August, you might be the lucky few to witness the unique Pikachu festival which is fascinating.

Even though most of the Japanese towns and cities are visually appealing and has a lot of cultural and historical aspects but as a tourists, there is just so much you can do especially if you are on a strict itinerary, in my opinion these day trips from Tokyo are not too tiresome and will make you feel you have made most of your time and day.

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