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Five best attractions in Osaka

My sole reason for visiting Osaka was to try their heavenly street food and especially those sinful cheesecakes but apart from that Osaka still has a lot to offer which I wasn’t aware until I spent a few days there. Osaka is a balance between Kyoto and Tokyo, whereas it still has a lot of culture and history but at the same time its a fun party place just like Tokyo. 

The day I arrived in Osaka it was pouring, and I didn’t get to see much but this gave me time to shop around in some of the massive malls which even have gigantic gaming arcade, and you can easily spend hours here, and if you are a foodie you too can find some intriguing things to try.

Osaka can be easily browsed in a good two days especially if you are interested in just the touristy stuff in the city. Below are some of the attractions and things which I found the best:-

Dotonbori Street – If I had to describe Osaka, it would start with this famous street, an incredible amount of restaurant, cafes, gaming arcades and shopping options are available here. Tons of tourists flock to this area, and it can get super busy, but it’s the ambience which makes this place even more desirable.

Universal Studios – There was no way I would not visit this astonishing theme park. Sometime’s I feel I took this trip to Japan just for the theme parks, the rides are pretty much the same as in any other Universal parks, but the food is unique to its location. Make sure to go early or buy the express pass so that you don’t end up queuing at most of the rides.

Umeda Sky Building – For a bird’s eye view of this city visit this building and capture the fascinating skyline of Osaka. I visited it in the evening, and everything looked shimmering especially since this city is so lit up. It’s worth buying the ticket and spending some time visualising the beautiful landscape of Osaka.

Osaka Castle – Undoubtedly one of the places you need to visit when you are in Osaka, you pass through a gorgeous garden and walk up to the surrounding areas of the castle. This castle has been a part of many Japanese wars and its good to witness its story and get a feel of the samurai life.

Osaka Aquarium – If you are travelling with kids this place is well worth exploring. With over 30,000 marine creatures this place is even considered one of the biggest in the world so you can easily keep the kids entertained for a good few hours. 

While these are the few attractions, I saw on my two day stay in Osaka, but I can surely see exploring more areas and nearby towns if I had more time in my hand. Osaka, shouldn’t be skipped at any cost as it serves as a great balance between Tokyo and Kyoto.

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