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Three Best Day trips from Gold Coast

From massive malls, to beaches or national parks what more do you want from a city? Well, if you are an outdoor person Gold Coast is an ideal destination to visit. You can choose from a number of day trips but my few favourites are:-

Brisbane – Skyline Of Brisbane always seems to impress me, and if it’s not for the view from Kangaroo Point Cliffs you can also relish some great food at Howard Smith Waves which is a fabulous promenade. A few hours drive from Gold Coast this city is splendid as you can choose from restaurants to dine at, beaches to tan at, or take a stroll at the Botanical Garden. One of the marvel wonders of Brisbane is also the Story Bridge, it’s iconic.

South Stradbroke Island – Hop on a ferry and off you go to this wondrous island, there are no cars around so take in the fresh air along with the charming scenery. Surrounded by wildlife, and nature, It takes around 40min to reach this island from Hope Island, you can stay at a resort or set up a camp around here as you are going to have a eventful long day ahead of you.

Byron Bay and Crystal Castle – A top favourite place for tourists and locals is this majestic seaside town, Its a superb place away from the city life of Gold Coast. You can watch the Cape Byron Lighthouse, visit the main street or the markets, and if you are an adrenaline junkie jump on a Jet Ski or head out for Skydiving. If you do have time Crystal Castle is also a place to check out especially if you like to mediate or learn about the healing effects of crystals.

Even though there are quite a few options if you like to venture out of the city but these three are my favourite places to head out. Some other places to check out would also be Mount Tamborine, Nimbin, or Springbrook National Park.

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