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Five Best Day trips from Sydney

If you are an adventurous soul and would like to venture outside the city these are few places you should consider. The hustle and bustle of the city life can be tiresome and to spend a few hours or a weekend outside is just the perfect way to feel revived.

Jenolan Caves – Made out of limestones these caves are a treat for the adults and kids, there are around 10 caves to astonish you with its incredible formations. You can even take ghost tours here which begin after 8 pm on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. It takes around 3hours from Sydney but it is worth taking a trip to these fascinating caves.

Blue Mountains – A two-hour drive from Sydney this place is one of the most visited excursion trips by tourists. Being a part of the World Heritage Area this admirable place is a must-visit. You can go on hiking trails, marvel at underground caves, be fascinated by the botanic gardens or relax at a luxury hotel. There are tons of activities to choose from but make sure to check out the views of the Three Sisters, it’s marvellous.

Canberra – If you are a history nerd a trip to the capital of Australia would be an interesting way to know more about this country. You can see important monuments, museums, Parliament house or War Memorials. As you pass through the Southern Highlands and tiny towns of Australia you will be intrigued with the scenery, a great day awaits you as Canberra is an iconic place to check out on your visit from Sydney. Its a three-hour drive from Sydney and you can even consider staying in as its a lovely place to explore.

Kangaroo valley –  I would have called this place a hidden gem but now due to the tourists flooding this area its no longer a secret but that doesn’t stop you from heading down to this charming place. There are rainforests, rivers, waterfalls and mountains to keep you engage along with a few activities like kayaking, golfing and canoeing. There is some great options for accommodations available as well as it’s one of the places you would want to spend a night over.

Wolgan Valley – A bit of a drive but when you reach this place you will be mesmerised by the gorgeous scenery. This 200 million-year-old natural wilderness has one of the most luxurious resort and an array of activities to choose from ranging from fishing, hiking, safaris and cooking classes. If I had it my way I would choose to live here forever, its an outstanding place and an unbelievable experience.

Sydney, being quite a tourist hot spot there are plenty of tour operators, hotels, and car rentals to make your trip easily possible. Do make it a point to venture out of the city as many do get lost in the cities hustle-bustle and forgot there are plenty of things to see just outside the city!

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