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Best Attractions in Sydney

When you think about going to Australia one of the cities which definitely comes to mind is Sydney and no trip to Australia would be completed without visiting one of the largest cities there. Sydney is the heartbeat of Australia and even if many wouldn’t agree it still drives many tourists there. Seeing how enormous this city is it can be difficult to understand where to begin your journey from, but to make your life easy I have compiled a list of thing you should definitely consider doing on your first time here.

Sydney Opera House – This place needs no introduction, you must have seen it on postcards, Instagram or during the New Years firework display on TV. Take in a few moments to enjoy this iconic building and if you do have time a ‘behind the tour’ would be something I shall advise. There are quite a few interesting shows as well happening so make sure to check the website before you head out as they usually get sold out in a jiffy.

Sydney Tower – Discover the marvellous skyline of Sydney from this tower. It’s the tallest tower here so you can be assured about the astounding views, the city looks incredible at sunset and to capture this a visit here is a must. This place does get busy so make sure to purchase your tickets before you head there.

Luna Park – No matter what your age is this park is a place to visit, with a fun vibe, and tons of ride you will never get bored of Luna Park. You can choose from some delicious things to eat along the way or head onto some thrilling rides. This park is iconic as it opened almost 85 years ago so do make a visit.

Harbour Bridge – You can enjoy the views of this magnificent bridge from a lot of neighbourhood of Sydney but climbing this beast is an achievement. It takes around 2hrs and the pride you get is unbelievable, not to mention the view is insanely breathtaking from up here. This heritage of Sydney opened in 1932 and since then its became a symbol of the city,  it also added in the Australian National Heritage List.

Taronga Zoo – Located near the shores of the Sydney Harbour this zoo will excite many who love to see animals. You can also see some shows, be an animal keeper for a day, or ride the sky safari there. There are a number of things to keep you occupied here so to make the most of your day be sure to reach early.

Darling Harbour – From restaurants, events, exhibitions, or museums this place has it all. My favourite place for a stroll or to find food was Darling Harbour. Its the heart of the city which never disappoints, busy with tourists and locals this promenade is definitely my favourite place in Sydney to relax and take it easy.

Royal Botanic Gardens – Just a few steps away from the Sydney Opera house is the delightful Royal Botanic Gardens. Take a stroll around the park and be pleased by the nature around here. Not only is the park easily accessible you also get an incredible view of The Opera House and The Harbour Bridge. This place is so popular that many even hire the park for events, weddings and functions.

Bondi Beach – One of the most popular beaches in Sydney, this place is filled with tourists and locals. A perfect place to spend a summer afternoon over the sandy beaches of Bondi. If you want to challenge yourself you can even take the Coogee Coastal walk from here and adore the alluring views from here. Don’t forget to check out Australia’s oldest swimming club ‘Bondi Iceberg’ which also makes for a great picture.

The Rocks – This place has some noteworthy history attached to it, it is said that this was the first place the Europeans colonised. You can still see the architecture and the style of the buildings which reminds you about the 18th century. Today, The Rocks stand as a remarkable place filled with restaurants, markets, and galleries.

Queen Victoria Building – Initially build as a market place in the 19th century but due to inattentiveness there were even plans to demolish this place but today it stands in its full pride and glory with around 200+ shopping stores. If you like to spend some time and feel a part of the history book an afternoon tea experience here.

George Street – Lined with some enormous skyscrapers, fabulous hotels and boutiques this place should be checked out on your visit. I enjoyed taking a stroll around here, it gave me an immense feeling of being in Times Square for a few mins, this place is exhilarating.

China Town – One of the reasons I took a stroll too China Town was to find some decent Bubble Tea place and to my surprise, I was flooded with options, the food here is incredible and you can find some unique eateries too. This place is usually crowded in the evenings, and the restaurants have a long waiting time too but that shouldn’t discourage you to visit this great piece of Asia in the very own Sydney.

While there is a lot to do in Sydney and it can keep you entertained for long, these are a few things which you should definitely not skip. As a first-timer in Sydney, it can get quite overwhelming so make sure to keep enough days to explore around town as well as have some time to rest on the famous Bondi Beach.

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