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5 Must do Activities in Sydney

One of the most visited cities in Australia, Sydney is a fun, vibrant place to enjoy your holiday along with tons of activities to keep you occupied. My time in Sydney flew by and I cannot stress how much I miss this city. I was there for a week and each day was as entertaining as the other, you can choose from numerous things to do around the city or even head for excursion trips.

Sydney sure would impress any traveller who would love to make the most of its holiday. Below are some of the activities which you should consider on your trip:-

Whale Watching Tour – One of the exciting tours I did from Darling Harbour was a whale watching tour, I haven’t done one before and this seemed like a fun way to explore the coast and see some massive mammals jump out in joy. Seeing these whales in the open ocean did make me appreciate my holiday, its a tour you can take with kids or adults as nevertheless, it’s a thrilling experience.

Booked my tour for this amazing experience via KK Travel, the staff were informative and did their best to show us the jumping whales.

Harbour Bridge Climb – The exhilarating time when you walk up the bridge is speechless, this iconic bridge has been part of Sydney since 1932 and climbing one gives you a sense of enjoyment and a feeling of accomplishment. You can also get an absolutely brilliant view of the city which is definitely worth it.

Coogee Coastal Walk – This 3.7mile walk is a must-do for all the people who love to hike and reward themselves with great views of the bay. Bondi Beach and the Iceberg pool are the two attractions you wouldn’t want to miss and rather than taking the car you should consider this walk and enjoy the scenic views of the coast.

Tour the Opera House – Make sure to take a behind the tour of the Sydney Opera House as it gives informative insights and shows you around areas which can only be accessed with a tour guide. It’s surely overwhelming to see the technicalities which goes behind to make this place a wonder.

Helicopter Ride – Out of all the activities this one was my favourite as it gives you a birds eye view of the Sydney city. Whenever I travel to a big city I make sure to take a helicopter tour as it gives me a good impression of the city and it looks lovely from the sky. Sydney, being the largest city of Australia does offer a good view either from the observatory or from a helicopter tour.

Looking at the gigantic size of the city there are plenty of things to fascinate you and while I had just a few days here, these are some of the activities which I highly recommend. Do let me know things which you enjoyed the most in Sydney.

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