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Must visit places in Australia

It took me a while to take a trip to Australia but when I did I left no stone unturned. From Pinterest, Instagram and Google, I used all the resources possible to see the places I should visit during my trip. Australia is massive and seeing most of its cities is difficult on a short trip but after careful research, some places which you should consider are as below:-

Sydney – As a child, I always saw pictures of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge which made me dream about heading there someday. This city is overwhelming as it has so much to offer. You can walk around the streets, head to Hyde Park, or climb up the Harbour Bridge as all these things make Sydney what it is today. You will never be short of activities here, indeed a fascinating place to begin your trip in Australia. Sydney being the largest city, also has some pleasing neighbourhoods which are well worth exploring.

Melbourne – Being the capital of Victoria and also being the second largest city of Australia, Melbourne does live up to its expectations. There is a lot of things to do and see around the city and even though I spend a week here it wasn’t enough. From amusement parks, day trips, art and culture, museums, there is so much to see and do here that time literally flies by.

Cairns – If you always dreamed of visiting The Great Barrier Reef this is the town you should head too. With easy access to the islands from a helicopter ride or a cruise, you are in for a trip of a lifetime. There are tons of activities to choose from, Cairns is definitely going to keep you busy.

Uluru – Know for its incredible landscape and Ayers rock this place is slowly getting the attention of the tourists. Sacred to the aboriginal Australians this is a seemingly interesting place to visit. The nearest town from Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park is Alice Springs, if you do end up going here you should consider spending at least two days in the vicinity to enjoy the landscape at it’s best.

Brisbane – If I had to choose a city to reside in Australia it would be Brisbane. It is everything I imagined it to be, marvellous Skyscrapers, alluring sanctuaries, contemporary art museums and the bustling food culture. Brisbane is also the capital of Queensland which means you have some great islands around to enjoy snorkelling or take a drive down the spectacular coast.

Gold coast – If you are an adrenaline junkie this sunny coast is ideal for you. Filled with theme parks, whale watching tours, forest trails, and some fabulous shopping places. Gold Coast, is hands down my place to be, I loved the dazzling nightlife here, especially at the ‘Star’. Having an amazing location, this city has easy access to some magnificent beaches including Byron Bay and also connects you to the ever so beautiful Brisbane.

Adelaide –  Many take the Great Ocean Road and drive up to Adelaide. I wish to do that as well but if you are short on time you can enjoy the cities highlights instead. A bustling city with some hip neighbourhoods this is the place not to be missed, you will love the food scene here, the markets, or the easy access to some of the natural wonders from this superb city. With some significant heritage buildings, museums, churches and memorials this city does live up to its expectations.

Perth – The capital of Western Australia, Perth even though is quite far from the rest of the Australian cities it still has a lot to offer. Amazing sandy beaches, botanic gardens, art and culture, shopping and numerous options to dine out. Skyscrapers are a part of the growing city and it surely makes for a good skyline view. The great transportation makes its easy for visitors and you are never short of some fabulous activities to do on your visit here.

Cityscape image of Perth downtown skyline, Australia during sunset.

Canberra – Gone are the days where the capital city would be all about government buildings and history. If you have a chance to visit Canberra make a trip to see this city to witness some great restaurants, shopping, galleries, and museums. There are a lot more hotels coming up in the vicinity which has influenced the tourism industry of Canberra.

Having most of the attractions in close proximity it makes easy to navigate your way around. This city has something for everyone be it families, couples or solo travellers.

Australia is gigantic so to visit most of the major cities you might have to take a flight every time, even though I would have loved to see the entire country it is not possible on your first short trip so choose a few cities and enjoy it to the max as you would surely love to visit it again without a doubt.

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