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Top 10 places for first time backpackers

Are you excited about your first trip and to explore some of the best locations in this world for the first time? Also, deciding what to wear? Go Easy- breezy with cool t-shirts.

The world is enormous and has so many beautiful locations that it puts you in a dilemma to choose the right location to visit for the first time.

So if you are a first-time backpacker ready to embark on a motorcycle journey we’ve picked up our own top 10 best destinations to put your mind at ease.

New Zealand

When it comes to travelling, New Zealand comes on top of the list. New Zealand has so many mesmerizing places to visit.

One can enjoy many adventures activities here. From enormous mountains to beautiful lakes this country has everything that one can ask for. It is like a paradise on earth.

You can explore glaciers, glow worm caves, rainforests, wild rivers, and rugged beaches on the West Coast. If you love watching stars then don’t miss out on stargazing opportunity in the night at Great Barrier Island, which is the only location in the world certified as International Dark Sky Sanctuary. It has everything that your hungry heart desires for. Just set out on your rugged motorcycle and drench in its immense beauty.

Also, did I tell you that you also get to watch the spectacular Southern Light here?


One of the most popular destinations for first-time backpackers is the gateway to Southeast Asia, Thailand.

From glittering temples to tropical beaches Thailand has something to explore for everyone.

Some of the popular locations that you can visit here are Bangkok, Pai, Kanchanaburi, Similan Islands Marine National Park, and Railay. Also, Thailand is budget friendly so, no need to worry about breaking the bank. You can take scooters on rent as well, there’s nothing like exploring this place on a motorcycle though.


In Peru, you get to experience things which will become the most unforgettable moments of your life. It is located in South America and becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists.

It is home to a section of the Amazon rainforest. Peru is chiefly known for its rich diversity, the authenticity of culture, food, and nature.

Local language here is Spanish but you will be good to go to popular places as you will find most English-speaking tourists there.


If you are an adventurer person like me then Australia is built for you. Riding across its beautiful landscapes, you will find experiences that will push you beyond your limits.

With nature, wildlife, aquatic, coastal, food, and wine this country has so many things to offer. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are the most popular cities here which one should never fail to visit.


This is a land of beautiful landscapes and known for its diverse culture. It is another budget-friendly location for first-time backpackers.

If you are an adventurous soul and love your two wheels, riding through Hai Van Pass in central Vietnam is highly recommended on your motorcycle. If you want to experience more thrill then you can do kitesurfing through the tropical oceanic water off Mui Ne or you can also hike the beautiful hills of Bac Ha or Sapa.


Japan is best known for its rich & vibrant culture. Because of its fabulous & healthy food, Japan is known as one of the healthiest living countries in the world.

If you are interested in camping and trekking then you should visit the bamboo forest of Arashiyama. You can also hike up to a mountain and enjoy the view at Kyoto’s Iwatayama monkey park.

You can also ride through the streets of Tokyo with Japan’s newest launched service Japan Travel Bike. It is a scenic alternative to buses and trains.


This place is like a complete package which offers you an unforgettable experience of nature, heritage, parks, castles, mind-blowing architectures and delicious food.

You will get to meet Scottish animals like lions, tigers, giant pandas and bears at wildlife parks and forest trails.


Germany’s capital Berlin is an amazing city for every first-time backpackers. This city has got some coolest vibes than any city in the world.

It’s amazing landscapes and beautiful mountains are best enjoyed through a motorcycle ride. You can also explore its rich culture and marvellous architecture.

The city is also known for its intense parties and incredible food.


This is one of the best countries in Europe to visit. If you are a history enthusiastic then this is the perfect place for you.

You will find many historic centres and castles there. The most popular castle is the Medieval castle in Malbork. This castle is the world’s largest brick building made by mankind.

Also, if you want to feel some thrill then you can hike through the mountains and visit Bialowieza Forest. You will get to see some exotic wild animals in this forest like wolves, lynxes, and European bison.


Now this one easily comes under one of the top locations for first-time backpackers to visit. It is the largest city and capital of Rome located in Southern Europe.

Italy is popular for the number of reasons like stunning landscapes, amazing people, awesome cuisine, fashion, food and art. Also, if you are a booze lover then try getting your hands on Don Julio tequila, or any brandy liquor there as European countries are quite famous for alcohols.

Venice, Pompeii, Tuscany are some of the most popular tourist destinations in this city.

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