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Top 5 Beaches in Australia

Australia, an island filled with opportunity, adventure and excitement.

If only it wasn’t so big, things were not so hard to find, and the prices were not so high! We have you covered though. We have a list of the absolute must visits, and places to go so you save the guesswork. Which hopefully saves you a couple dollars!

No matter where you’re coming from in the world, your absolute best flight deals will be landing at one of the capitals and going from there.

All of our international airports have plenty to choose from when it comes to vehicle hire, and accommodation to get you on the road, and your adventure started.

I could name at least a hundred various beaches you should visit, but who has the time to visit them all! Although none of these beaches made our list of the 5 most romantic beaches. They’re still well worth visiting!

1. Rainbow Beach, QLD

Rainbow beach as the name suggests is famous for its multi-coloured sands, this is due to the natural minerals in the sand such as rutile, ilmenite, zircon and monazite. The stunning beach spans a massive 239km (149mi) of drivable sand dunes.

Be careful though! It’s strongly recommended to head up in a tour, this way you’re catching the correct tides and not another poor driver to lose your car to the quickly approaching waves.

Rainbow beach has pet, and camp friendly access. This means you can camp directly on the beach, 20m from the crashing waves, campfire and all! An experience second to none.

Throughout the day you can travel to double island point (over the sand dunes) and head up to the lighthouse, walk to the top of the sand dunes and take in the absolutely breathtaking scenery or head into town to meet the friendly locals.

2. Bondi Beach, NSW

You might have guessed it, but the iconic Bondi Beach simply couldn’t be left off the list. A true tourist hot spot, a beach lovers best friend.

But there is a lot more to Bondi, than just the beach. The friendly weekly markets, the stunning history and real estate, museums and nightlife. Bondi has it all.

Whether you’re there to camp, or to stay in one of the many affordable accommodation options, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to food and drinks in the area. You’ll be spoilt with the number of bars, restaurants and high-quality cafes.

Although the beach is well worth checking out, don’t forget to hit up the local parks and mountain walks.

3. Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, TAS

What looks to be a scene out of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Wineglass Bay is one of the most breathtaking beaches Australia has to offer.

Combined with a 1-hour hike up the mountains, down the track and plenty to do. The bay is known for its crystal clear blue water, marine life and pure white sand.

Wineglass Bay is often used as the cover photo of anything tourist related for Tasmania. The beautiful popular, yet amazingly calm and relaxing destination is well worth considering.

4. Knights Beach, SA

If you have ever surfed or bodyboarded you have probably heard of Knights beach at some point. The gorgeous surroundings and huge waves bring tens of thousands of tourists to the beach each year to ride the waves.

Located 85km south of Victor Harbour it makes Surf Nation’s top 17 surf spots list. With an AVG 3m swell, seemingly endless waves and crystal clear water it’s a true beach goers dream.

Surrounded by stunning attractions like mountain climbing, horse riding and theme parks the Victor Harbour location is a must do!

5. Twilight Beach, WA

If you’re going over to Western Australia the locals will have no hesitation in suggesting Twilight beach. The natural rock formations, patrolled beach and warm water conditions are to die for!

The beach has been well known worldwide for years due to its unique offshore rock formations which are located within 100m of the main swimming spot. The rocks break the waves leaving a relaxing, calm water behind it. Perfect for a slow day in the water.

The beach itself isn’t why it made the list though. The national park walks, the wildlife and attractions bring tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of tourists to the destination each year.


Australia has over 10,600 beaches to choose from, it’s a big place. Our list is a select few that we believe are well worth visiting on your next trip.

Be careful though, Australia has a harsh sun. Wear sunscreen at all times, wear your hat and only swim at patrolled beaches. The Surf life-saving foundation does a great job of patrolling the coast beaches but they rely on swimmers following rules.

If you would like to share your beach experience here, we would love to see photos!

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