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Best attractions in Sharjah

If you are looking for art, culture, tradition and history look no further than Sharjah. This Emirate still maintains the charm and aura of a city, don’t get me wrong but Sharjah is where you will find peace, and a more relaxing lifestyle then Dubai. 

I was here for a day to explore this Emirate, it’s out of my comfort zone as I don’t usually like to drive on a weekend but glad I did, as the experience was overwhelming and memorable.

Let me make you familiar with some of the attractions you can see on your trip to Sharjah.

Al Majaz Waterfront – I wouldn’t be wrong to say that this area is truly the heart of the city. With the spectacular view of the Khalid Lagoon, this waterfront promenade comes alive in the evening. With quite a few restaurants, cafes and activities this is a place you can unwind and enjoy with family.

Sharjah Heritage Museum – Get to know about the history of the Emirati people and their culture. This museum enlightens you about some of the deep-rooted culture and traditions, a very impressive place especially if you want an in-depth knowledge about the UAE.

Al Qasba – Just like the London Eye, Sharjah has a similar ferries wheel called Eye of the Emirate. This landmark is extremely popular among locals and tourists, you can walk this fascinating promenade or enjoy a meal at the surrounding restaurants and cafe. There is also abra (boats) which you can take to tour the canal.

Sharjah Central Market – Also known as the ‘Blue Souk’ this place is a shopping centre for more local stuff. If you love retail therapy you are in for a great time as there are two buildings interconnected by a bridge. With over 600 shops selling clothes, jewellery, perfumes and souvenirs this place makes for a superb shopping experience.

Arabian Wildlife Centre – This place will not only fascinate the kids but also the adults. This is the only place in Arabia showcasing wildlife appearing in this region of the peninsula. You will get an understanding of the flora and fauna, reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs, and butterflies. At this centre, you will be amazed by the knowledgeable insights you will be receiving, surely worth visiting.

With these five must-see attractions in Sharjah, you can either take a day trip or stay at some of the beautiful hotels surrounding the corniche. Away from the fast-paced life, this city is remarkable and completely opposite from Dubai. 

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  • N.Kelly
    November 29, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    What amazing event! I also recommend dance lessons in the area

  • maxx
    January 12, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    there a lot to cherish in sharjah too ,


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