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Royal Carribean, Mariner Of The Seas – Miami to Bahamas

After spending two weeks in Florida, I was at the last leg of my journey but these final few days were one of the highlights of my trip. I wanted to visit the Carribean islands for a while now, and since I was in Miami, there was no way I would skip this golden opportunity.

I started researching my options on how to get to The Bahamas, best experiences, attractions, and activities but, there weren’t many decent day tours departing from Miami, so here I was making the most memorable decision of my life. Can you guess what it is? 

While exploring the internet, I came across cruise tours and having heard about Royal Carribean this was my first choice. Another primary reason I choose Royal Carribean was their itinerary, it’s for three days, and in those three days, they give you some beautiful highlights of two fascinating islands of the Bahamas. I do understand that three days is not long, but this is all I was left after two weeks of touring entire Florida.

Royal Carribean’s cruise liner ‘Mariner Of The Sea’s agenda match with my dates and since I was already late in booking my stateroom I was fortunate enough to connect with the team of the cruises media team who helped me secure a room on my desired dates.

Finally after all the adrenaline theme park visits, helicopter rides, running to catch early morning tours it was time to unwind and relax on this three days cruise from Miami to the Bahamas.

Day 1:- After a swift check-in, it was finally time to see my stateroom which also had a sea facing window. This is a big bonus especially if you are claustrophobic. The room had all the necessary amenities including room service on all the days. This 15 storey cruise liner has some of the best activities you can imagine; there was a moment where I even thought of not leaving the cruise for the excursions as I feared I would miss the entertainment on the deck.

Having 11 dining options you will be spoilt for choice and just in case you have any dietary requirements like me, you can request the staff, and they shall take care of your needs. 

My first day was spent touring each floor and scheduling tours for the next big day which was arriving at Royal Carribean’s private island Cococay. 

Seeing a movie under the stars, playing games at the arcade and seeing a comedy show and finally the welcome party where I danced liked nobody is watching is how I like to remember my first night on this humongous cruise.

Day 2:- Quickly heading for breakfast so that I don’t miss a second of this exciting day but to my surprise, there was a long queue for breakfast regardless of this I was excitingly looking forward to the excursion to Cococay island.

This island is extremely breathtaking, with yoga classes, live musicians, BBQ, kayaking, a bar in the centre of the ocean, and many more activities you would be spoilt for choices. Sadly, we weren’t docking here, so my day did come to an end, but nevertheless, more activities were happening on the cruise. 

This evening, I calmed my senses with a massage at their bespoke spa and later saw an ice skating show followed by a fine dining meal at Windermere restaurant and lastly heading to the deck to watch a movie from the comfort of my hot tub, yes you heard it right.

Day 3:- The last day was spent discovering the capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau. Apart from the serene beaches, the reason Nassau is known for is the world-famous resort ‘Atlantis’. My cruiseliner already has a decent sized water slide, so I wasn’t keen to spend the day at Atlantis’s Aquaventure, but instead, I ventured to the local markets, enjoyed a virgin mojito, and soaked in some sun at the beach. The last day at the cruise was emotional as I knew the next day I would be heading back to the airport, so I enjoyed every moment on this cruise. Starting from taking a Surf lesson, eating a juicy Burger at Johnny Rockets, catching a comedy show and doing some retail therapy too.

Before departing this lovely cruise, I promised myself another cruise experience, and hopefully, this one will be longer than three nights. Taking a Royal Carribean cruise to one of the highly anticipated places was the highlight of my trip, I did end up making my friends and family envious, but it all worked in their goodwill as most of them want t0 to have a similar experience now.

Disclaimer – I was a guest at the Royal Carribean cruise, but my opinion remains unbiased.

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