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Best Pizza Places in Dubai

Be it a party, a movie night or a get together at my house, one thing which is mandatory on the menu is Pizza without which any fun night wouldn’t be complete. Correct me if I am wrong, I have ordered Pizza even on the lowest days of my life, haven’t you done the same? 

With Pizza’s being a part of many of my celebrations, I thought of giving you a round up on places which I adore the most and every once in a week there is a delightful box of goodness being delivered at my door or you can find me at one of the below restaurants too.

Pitfire Pizza – This Pizza place in JLT has a unique way of making Pizzas, its a mix between Neapolitan Pizza and the New York style recipe. Their variations of topping are insane and they keep coming up with new mix and matches to keep their customers happy. Buffalo Chicken and Hell’s kitchen pizzas are my number one choices here, I think they even know my order by heart now.

Freedom pizza – If I have friends over my safe bet would be to order from Freedom Pizza they all love the quality of this brand and since it has a couple of branches many of us are aware of it. Their ingredients are organic and pizzas, as good as it can get.  They usually have some deals and offers happening which makes eating pizzas, reasonable too.

Its Pinza – I had the chance to see how their Pizzas are made at and was overwhelmed to know the passion and love behind each Pizza. From selecting their Pizza boxes to the oven, and choosing the right ingredient everything has gone through a strict process of trial and errors after which you know that they mean serious Pizza business. Another thing which I appreciate about the brand is the ‘no yeast’ policy, which later on tends to give you bloating. Its Pinza, you are one of my favourite places.

Pizza express – During my stay in London, Pizza Express was one of the places I would visit way too many times especially for their Dough Balls and after my shift to Dubai, I missed this brand. When they opened their first Jazz restaurant in JLT, I was ecstatic. This place has the fun party ambience, good food and pleasing pizzas to make your meal memorable.

Eataly – Neapolitan Pizzas cooked in a wood fire oven have a smoky edge to it. Their ingredients are of supreme quality and if you love their food you can even shop some of their ingredients. If you are at one of the malls where Eataly is, ditch the food court and try some of their gourmet dishes and wonderful pizzas.

Margherita – I got introduced to Margherita restaurants by one of my blogger friends who raved about this place, and since then I find reasons to go to their Downtown branch more than often. Their Chefs are extremely talented and their pizzas are a Neapolitan style which means the tomato sauce is going to be extremely rich and since this restaurant is a franchise from Italy you can be assured about their delectable pizzas.

Russos – At this restaurant, you will find New York style Pizzas, and they are fulfilling, crisp from the edges and topped with goodness. They promise to use some of the freshest ingredients which makes me love their brand, having quite a few branches all around Dubai you now have more reasons to try this place.

Rossovivo – They leave the pizza dough out for 12 hours before using them and they prefer not to use a rolling pin instead it’s all done with the hand. This place deserves a special mention as they take a lot of pride in their pizzas, finest ingredients and simple recipes, does win the heart.


Jamies Pizzeria – A very new addition in JLT is Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria. This place is usually crowded with people and there has been a long wait time whenever I have visited. The Pizzas are not traditional at all but a mix and match of unique ingredients and toppings. They have the option of sourdough and wholegrain pizzas so you can choose your preference, depending on your diet. Sad, they haven’t started delivering yet!

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