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Famous Sights in Edinburgh

Edinburgh being the capital of Scotland has so much to offer, from concerts, historical sites, art galleries, museums, and exquisite restaurants for foodies this city will make you fall in love with its charming personality. If there is any city after London I can see myself living, it would be Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle – This castle to Edinburgh is like Eiffel, is to Paris. One of the most famous landmarks, it has a fascinating history and if you dare to walk from the Princess Street up-to-the castle this makes for an impressive walk too. The view from the castle is breathtaking, and can easily take a few hours to tour the entire ground. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site this place should be the first thing in your bucket list.

Holyroodhouse Palace – Official residence of the Queen in Scotland this palace has admiring rooms and remarkable stories attached to it. This palace is opened to the public and before you start your tour take a tea break at their cafe where they serve a fabulous afternoon tea. Apart from the palace, you can even stroll around the garden and the 12th century Holyrood Abbey ruins.

Arthurs Seat – From the gardens of Holyrood palace you can get a glimpse of the highest point of the park which is Arthurs park. The walk is surely tough but the view of Edinburgh’s skyline is fascinating. Many don’t know but this place is an extinct volcano, and taking a picture here is a challenge in itself due to the windy nature of this city.

Royal Mile – Take an enjoyable walk from Edinburgh’s old town until the Holyrood Palace, and on the way, you can observe some of cities best museums and buildings. Walking down is easy but taking the same route up could be a challenge for many. Being the heart of the city, Royal Mile is impressive and captivating.

Princess Street – A shopping street in Edinburgh which offers exceptional views of the Castle and west princess street garden. On a good day, you can see a number of families enjoying a picnic here in the garden or shopping across the road. It remains one of the famous places to shop and eat in Edinburgh, making it a fantastic experience. If you are a serious retail therapy person, you can even check out the nearby George Street or the popular Waverley Mall.

The real Mary’s King Close – Situated deep down under the old town is this spooky attraction. You need to take a guided tour here, which gives you a detailed knowledge about the history of this place. Many haunted stories are attached to this place and your guide will tell you a few. Overall it’s an experience which I enjoyed, considering you can’t go alone and they give you time slots make sure to book in advance.

Carlton Hill – After a brief walk up the Carlton hill enjoy the astonishing views of the city. The national monument is a significant landmark here, inspired by the Parthenon in Athens. Another famous sculpture is the Nelson Monument. If you are an early riser take in the glorious views of the sunrise, from this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Victoria Street – I was mesmerised by the colourful houses situated in this curvy street, it makes for an Instagram-able backdrop. There are many shops and restaurants surrounded on both the sides of the road, again this place gets quite busy as it’s loved by the tourists.

Edinburgh being the medieval city of Scotland, there is a lot to see and do and if you have a few extra days why not take day trips from Edinburgh. Being a cultural hotspot this city manages to impress even the hard to please.

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