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Hakkasan’s tribute to Chinese New Year

Hakkasan, since it’s inception, has managed to woo its customers with its food, ambiance and has also laid a benchmark for other restaurants to follow. Among it’s superbly crafted menu recently for Chinese New Year, Hakkasan has globally launched a menu for this auspicious occasion.

From Dim-sums to their seductively delicious Chicken Fortune Salad, you will be spoiled for choices when it comes down to this new menu. A fascinating start and you won’t get enough of those excellent dim-sums.

If you still have the will to stay away from filling yourself make sure you do, as the main course are truly delightful. Dover Sole, Tiger Prawns, Braised Chinese Vegetable are all accompanied with their satisfying Golden Fried Rice. With a medley of colors and ingredients which manage to tickle the taste bud each dish is irresistible, the Chef’s creatively is appreciated in every bite.

Want a perfect ending to your meal? Golden Feather which replicates an egg quite literally is one of a kind Dessert, and it can’t get better than this. Hakkasan with this new menu still retains all it’s glory and would surely appeal to many of the masses out there.

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