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Gazebo’s top 10 dishes to try!

When I go to Indian restaurants, I go overboard with ordering quite a few dishes, and even though I am not able to finish most of the dishes I feel blissful for trying at least, my last visit was to Gazebo. If you haven’t heard about this restaurant you need to head here soon, I haven’t had a bad food moment here, and this is after trying this place over a couple of times.

This restaurant opened in the year 2000, and since then they have 18 restaurants all over UAE, this speaks about their success alone. Focusing on affordable dishes which at the same time represents the ‘Dum Pukht’ cuisine which was consumed by the Royals at one point, this is what Gazebo is known for.

I have got multiple messages from my followers on some of the best dishes to order here from their vast menu, so today I list down ten must-try dishes at Gazebo.

1. Murg Seekh Bharwan – Juicy minced Chicken meat with subtle spices and presented with a cheesy filling oozes flavourful texture in each bite.
2. Gosht Galwati Kebab – These kebabs are meant to be so tender that it melts in your mouth, you remember the relishing taste for days to come.
3. Paneer Kurkuri – For vegetarians, don’t be disheartened this restaurant has some exquisite vegetarian options as well, and one of my favourites is this crispy cottage cheese appetizers.
4. Murg Achari – Want something tangy? Try the Achari curry, best to go with hot ‘naan’ or ‘jeera rice.’
5. Lobster Dum Masala – Wrapped around a relishing mixture of onion and tomato this curry with the meaty lobster makes a good main course.
6. Hyderabadi Biryani – Who wouldn’t mind a delicious steamy Biryani, especially if its ‘Dum Pukht’ in a clay pot, this is one of the signature dishes here.
7. Gosht Yakni Pilau – Compared to the Biryani this Yakni Pilau is much lighter but still packed with oodles of flavors.
8. Rose Falooda – A classic drink to satisfy all the sweet cravings, this falooda is a must order. It is pleasing and extremely rich.
9. Angoori Rabdi – I don’t think there has been a time where I have been to Gazebo and not ordered this, these tiny treats are easy to finish, and the sweetness is just about perfect.
10. Kesar Rasmalai – With hints of saffron on the soft spongy rasmalai this dessert is another superb dessert to end your meal with.

With these top ten dishes to try at Gazebo, I truly wish you enjoy your visit to this restaurant. Meanwhile, I just grab another bite of those scrumptious kebabs!


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