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A day in Bern, Switzerland

There are so many places I visit but Switzerland is where I belong, each year I make sure to visit another part of this stunning country only to be enchanted once again by the nature, food and the character of Switzerland.

The well-kept city of Bern will captivate your hearts with its beauty, and even though it’s not as big as London or Paris it still has the city vibe and manages to attract quite a lot of tourists. Some great UNESCO World Heritage sites can be found here apart from beautiful cathedrals and bridges. There are numerous spots for photo opportunities and it won’t let you down.

Old Town – Take a walk around the medieval old town of Bern where you can find tons of restaurants, cafes and the famous Clock Tower (Zythlogge). This old town is also given the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the numerous fountains here, visit some cathedrals especially Bern Munster and do check out the Prison Tower as well, it is intriguing. Surrounded by the Aare river you can even walk around the many bridges of Bern or relax at the marvellous Rosengarten, where you can see the city from above the steep hill.

Bern Historical Museum – If any of you geeky peeps are interested in history especially which dates back to Stone Age time, this is the place you should surely visit. They even have temporary exhibits, but the highlight here is the Einstein museum as it showcases the life stories of the genius man. Apart from that, you can even check out some artefacts from Egypt which enlightens you about Pharaohs and mummies.

Baren Park – Go on a tour of this unbelievable bear park in Bern running alongside the Aer river. This park is a delight for animal lovers and kids especially. A happy environment is created for the bears so they feel blissful and at home, they can play, swim and climb.

Gurten – Just a few minutes away from the city centre is a loving mountainous range where you can get a phenomenal view of the city, in summer months this place is usually crowded with people lounging around. Marvel over the Three Lakes Region which can be seen from above, there are plenty of hiking trails or if like you can even take a funicular up there to avoid all the walking but nevertheless, you are going to love the view from here. 

Einstein House – Did you know that Albert Einstein lived in Bern for a few years and today that house has turned into a museum so that you can get an insight into his life. The Theory of Relativity was discovered by him while he resided here, it will make an intriguing visit especially if you are a fan of the scientist. 

If you are a tourist these are some of the must-see places but if you want to unwind you can try some of the Spa’s here. Visit Sky terrace for drinks with a view, or try some good cheese fondue at one of the many delicious restaurants around town.

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