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Best Attractions in Genoa

This port town of Italy is one of the prominent harbours here and with an engrossing history you would be more than intrigued to visit Genoa. Being the capital of Liguria, it is also the birthplace of the famous Christopher Columbus and it has a coastline to impress many. The good thing about this place is that it is not as expensive as the other places in Italy and it’s not too crowded with tourists but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful, it has an abundance to see, do and eat!

I took a trip here to soak in all the history and for Genoa’s speciality which is Focaccia and Pesto. There are plenty of attractions to see around and if you have a few more days in hand you can even take day trips to some of the popular hotspots from Genoa.

Some of the attractions which should not be missed are:-

Via Garibaldi – This pleasing street of Genova is the first place you should venture too. Over here you can come across many sights some of which are Town Hall, Palazzo Tursi, Musei di Strada Nuova, and Palazzo Doria. There are many tour agencies which take you around the various sights situated in and around Via Garibaldi. This street is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Piazza De Ferrari – One of the prominent piazza’s of Genova, this square is surrounded by a plethora of significant buildings and a charming fountain. You can take a look at the Palace of Doges, The Genoa stock exchange, and Palace of the Duke of Galleria. There is also a Carlo Felice theatre to keep you entertained. Along with these attractions, there are a number of restaurants which will please you with amazing food.

San Lorenzo Cathedral – Just a few steps away from Piazza De Ferrari is this cathedral. This one here reminds me of the cathedral in Florence, the similarities are quite striking especially the striped marble. Also known as the Genova Cathedral, it is the seat of the Archbishop of Genova. There are a couple of artworks as well inside which will appeal to many.

Genoa Harbour – To spend the perfect evening in Genova’s head to the harbourside which boats of a 22km coastline including infinite numbers of restaurants and bars. Walk around the harbour or consider visiting the maritime museum or the nearby aquarium. You can also watch the sunset from the gigantic Lanterna di Genova’s lighthouse. 

Boccadasse – This petite seaside village of Genova reminds me so much of Cinque Terre and I wouldn’t be wrong to say that if you don’t have the time to visit the five islands you surely can spend some time around this village. This place gets crowded during the weekends as it has some delicious restaurants offering amazing views.

Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi – Walk across the scenic pathway of Genova, a 2km hike which will provide beautiful views of the sea. You can even reach the 16th-century popular tower from here. This calming surreal walk gives you a glimpse of the coastline of Genoa. 

Palazzo Reale – Step back in time by visiting this magnificent palace of Genova. The royal family of Savoy resided here and the interiors are hugely influenced by Versailles in France. The terrace provides a beautiful view of the city, there are many tours operators which give a guided tour of the palace especially since the history is quite appalling. Make sure to take time out and visit this gem of a place.

Caruggi (Narrow Lanes) – The old town of Genova is filled with fascinating buildings and squares. Even an aimless walk around this area is fulfilling, you come across the city walls and plenty of restaurants and shops. This medieval alley will surely transport you back in time.

Genova definitely is an underrated city of Italy, and a few days here is just about enough to experience the true Italian hospitality and culture. The food, of course, won’t disappoint you!

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