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Best Attractions in Modena

Modena usually gets unnoticed due to its proximity to Parma, Bologna or Lake Garda but one thing I can vouch for is that this little gem is worth a visit. It’s famous for Balsamic Vinegar and a few luxury car brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati have their headquarters just on the outskirts of Modena. 

Modena is brimming with a vibrant food scene, culture, and traditions which cannot go overlooked.

Some of the places which you should consider visiting here are:-

Piazza Grande – This is the heart of the old town and has a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites like the 12th Century Cathedral, Townhouse (Palazzo Comunale) and a bell tower (Ghirlandina). The square is usually busy with people and the architecture of all the sites are pretty marvellous.

Ducal Palace – Once a site to the castle of the Este of Dukes this place is now a museum and can be visited with guided tours only. The palace is now a headquarter of the military academy and it also enlightens people about the history of the military academy, has some memorabilia and collectables. The must-see room here is the Hall of Honour and the Golden Salon.

Enzo Ferrari Museum and Ferrari Museum – Whether you are a car enthusiast or no this place will surprise you with a great insight into the life of Enzo Ferrari and his love for cars, both the places can be visited in a day as there is a shuttle bus taking rounds of both the places. Car enthusiasts are in for a treat as some of the cars are breathtakingly beautiful, and there is also an interactive exhibit which gives an F1 experience! 

Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti – Visit the house of this famous opera singer which is now a museum, learn some interesting facts about this talented man. You can see his collectables, memorabilia, and awards. His house showcases his personality, and you can tour his bedroom, bathroom and his kitchen.

Restaurants at Modena – This small but charming town has some of the best restaurants in the region like Osteria Francescana, Franceschetta58, and Osteria Ermes. Some of the restaurants here are award-winning and require reservations months in advance but don’t let that intimidate you as the food scene is quite buzzing here so you can always grab something delicious to have from the various restaurants in the neighbourhood or visit the popular Mercato Albielli food market.

Palazzo dei Musei – This museum is split into several sections and if you like to enlighten yourself with some historical facts, see some artefacts, sculptures and learn some informative things about Modena this is the place to visit. 

A day or two is perfect to explore Modena and you won’t regret it a bit, if you do have some extra time then you can even book yourself a visit to one of the Balsamic Vinegar factories or a cooking class to learn some amazing Italian cuisines. There are plenty of easy day trips options available as well from Modena which makes this an ideal place to visit.

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