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In and around Jordan

Jordan, a country rich in ancient history, modern landscapes and people as real as families, I finally made my way to some of the best places this country has to offer. Having visited this country for a week, I realised that it is one of the friendliest places I have been too in a while and even though it is known for having the UNESCO world heritage Petra, there are still a lot of fascinating things you will get to experience, on your trip to Jordan.

While I know the summers could be a little harsh here, so the best time to travel would be during the early winters. Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum or Aqaba are a few from the many delightful places to see and spend your holiday on a good note.


In and around Jordan:-

Amman – Apart from being the capital city of Jordan this city has a lot to offer. It has a bustling nightlife especially if you head to the modern Downtown area of Amman where you can find tonnes of shopping places including malls and famous restaurants. This city even after being modern still has the historical roots where you can grasp a lot of information on the culture and tradition, so head to the Amman Citadel or the Roman Theatres which shares a unique blend of old and fascinating structures and stories.

Must try restaurants in Amman:-

Hashem for their Hummus
Sufra for their Mansaf
Wild Jordan for the view of the city and the light and healthy food.
Falafel Quds or Al-Quds for the best Falafel in town.
Shawerma Reem is the busiest and tiniest place, but the shawarma here are truly delectable.
Levant Restaurant for the Cheesy Grilled Chicken.


Petra – Not knowing this place existed until 1812, the beautiful and mesmerising Petra is one of UNESCO preserved heritage site. Today the Treasury here and the monastery are some of the most photographed attractions here. Situated two hours away from Amman this place lies between the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea has secrets and mysterious which are bewildering. So if in Jordan make sure to plan your trip to Petra well in advance as it is one breathtaking place to see.

Apart from Petra, you can also try your hands at cooking in one of the most famous kitchens, also known as Petra Kitchen. Gather your friends and show off your cooking skills here at Petra Kitchen.

  • Restaurants to try:-
  • Petra Kitchen
  • Basin.
  • Hotels to consider:-
  • Movenpick Petra
  • Petra Marriott.


Aqaba – Want to get away from the bustling city of Amman or the historic Petra? Then Aqaba is the place to head. Whether you want to swim, chill, eat or shop, this place has it all. During the peak seasons or public holidays, it is highly difficult to get accommodation in this popular city as it is one of the top choices of locals as well for people who want to unwind completely on their getaway. Hire a boat for half a day or go ahead and explore this cities wonders as you get cherished by the charm Aqaba has to offer.

Restaurants to try:-

Burj Al Hamam for their exceptional Mediterranean food.
Syrian Palace Restaurant for their classic Maqluba.
The Black Pearl for their tantalising continental dishes.


Wadi Rum – This is a protected desert area surrounded by mountains all around. Also known as The Valley of the Moon this place is one of the places you dream of being, at least once in your lifetime. Sleep under the sky full of stars and experience the true Bedouin hospitality.

A day here is not enough; there are so many activities which will help you bond with the family. Either go on a camel ride or hop on a jeep to go a dessert safari, if this too doesn’t interest you, you could sit and enjoy a hearty meal in one of the Bedouin camps.

Tents to consider:-

•Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp
•Captains Dessert Camp
•Khaled’s Camp
•Bait Ali Lodge


Sadly because of the countries strategic geographical location, it is not considered one of the ideal places to visit but trust me that this place is by far the safest, friendliest and one of the most beautiful places in the middle east.

Disclaimer – This trip was sponsored by Jordan Tourism Board, but my opinion remains unbias.

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