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Instagram Spots in Melbourne

No matter where you are in Melbourne you will always have the chance to take some amazing pictures but if you want to make your pictures a little extra pretty without any effort just head to these Instagramable places where you can find great photo opportunities. 

Luna Park – The park entrance and the roller coasters make for a great backdrop. A tad bit of colour correction and you are good to post.

Brighton Beach Boxes – These 82 colourful boxes are an incredible way to add some shade into your feed. You can be creative and do some cool shots here.

State Library of Victoria – Head to this beautiful library early in the day as it can get busy. With so many different corners here, your shot will standout if taken from a good angle. The interior of this library is perfect for pictures.

Street Art – Capture some superb shots in Melbournes street, this city is filled with graffiti and for you to find a grammable corner won’t be a big task. Check out Hosier Lane, AC/DC lane, and Collingwood.

Eureka Skydeck – What better way to capture the skyline of Melbourne then visiting this observatory. Sunsets shots from here are marvellous.

Laneways and Arcades – Melbourne is famous for it’s laneways and arcades so take this chance to gram something artistic from one of the famed places likes Block Arcade, Cathedral Arcade, Royal Arcade, Tattersalls Lane, and Postal Lane.

Queen Victoria Market – In Melbourne you are just a tad bit away from finding inspiration and creating some ingenious stuff and one such place to challenge your photography skills are at Queen Victoria Market.

Sound Bank – With some Of Melbourne’s best skyscrapers and Yarra river by the side this precinct is incredible for a superb picture opportunity.

Princes Bridge – Head here at night to take a glimpse of the shimmering city and how amazing it is to have this postcard spot as your picture.

Princes Pier – A bit out of CBD but surely worth the trip. This place looks phenomenal during sunset and it makes it even great if you are trying to take an artistic picture.

Australia, in general, is very picturesque and even though these are just a few of the suggestions for pictures in and around the city you can honestly find inspiration everywhere around town. There is a picture opportunity in every corner of the street and this is what I like about Melbourne that it’s filled with chances for content creators like us.

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