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The Ultimate coffee shops which are instagram worthy in Seoul

Seoul, the heart of South Korea, is a city that buzzes with life and creativity. Amidst its vibrant streets and bustling neighborhoods, there’s a coffee culture that’s taken root like nowhere else. If you’re a coffee enthusiast or just love to savor your moments in cozy, unique surroundings, you’re in for a treat. Join us on a caffeinated journey as we explore the ultimate cafes that define Seoul’s coffee scene. From whimsical themes to serene garden oases, Seoul’s cafes are a haven for those seeking a java-filled adventure. Get ready to sip, savor, and soak in the atmosphere!

Poop Cafe – A Crazy Experience:- Quirkiness knows no bounds at Poop Cafe. This cafe, where everything revolves around a poop theme, is both amusing and oddly charming. Enjoy your coffee in toilet-shaped mugs and savour delicious desserts while surrounded by cheeky decor. The must try here is the poop-shaped ice cream is a hilarious and surprisingly tasty treat.

Onion – Where Coffee Meets Contemporary Art:- Onion is not just a cafe; it’s a hanok themed cafe which transports you back in time. With a minimalist and modern design it not only impresses tourists but locals too like to queue here to get a seat. Sip on expertly brewed coffee while enjoying one their freshly baked breads, my favourite here was the flat whit and their avocado toast is a favourite among locals too.

Stylenanda Pool Cafe – Dive into a Coffee Pool: This cafe takes the concept of “coffee break” quite literally. Enjoy your brew while sitting beside a pink pool. The vibrant atmosphere and creative decor make it a must-visit for fashion and coffee lovers alike. A must-try here is the iced Americano which is a refreshing choice, their desserts are too decent too. Don’t be surprised by the many instagram photographers flocking by!

Cheongsudang –  Cheongsudang offers a delightful blend of traditional Korean tea and contemporary cafe culture, its a theme cafe. Sip on herbal teas in a charming hanok setting, surrounded by the beauty of Korea’s rich tea traditions. The cakes here are delicious too, its like entering a mini forest away from the city.

Cafe Forest Outings –  Escape the urban jungle and step into a lush garden paradise at Cafe Forest Outings. This cafe is a green oasis where you can savor your coffee amidst the beauty of nature. The honey milk tea is a soothing choice for a drink and their dessert selection complements the serene atmosphere perfectly.

Perception Coffee – Perception Coffee is more than just a place to grab a latte; it’s a sensory experience. The passionate baristas here take their craft seriously, and you can taste the dedication in every cup. With minimalist decor and an intimate ambiance, it’s a coffee lover’s dream. Opt for their pour-over coffee, and watch as they meticulously brew your perfect cup.

Moodae Bakery – Pastry Paradise:  If your idea of a perfect cafe involves heavenly pastries and aromatic coffee, Moodae Bakery is your destination. This bakery-cafe offers a delightful assortment of freshly baked goods and finely crafted coffee. The interiors are outstanding, and so unique which makes Moodae a must visit place, especially if you like to capture aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Hey the River Cafe – Riverside Retreat:  Located along the banks of the Han River, Hey the River Cafe takes the cafe experience to the great outdoors. Settle into comfy chairs by the Han River and enjoy your coffee with a gentle breeze and the soothing sound of flowing water. It’s a peaceful retreat within the city. Their iced lattes are perfect for sipping as you soak in the river view.

Cafe Pokpo – A Rustic Hideaway:  Cafe Pokpo offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, and an extraordinary view of waterfalls which is just so peaceful. This cafe boasts cozy interiors and a tranquil garden. It’s the ideal spot to unwind with a book or catch up with friends. Try their homemade cakes and pair them with a freshly brewed coffee. It’s located in Hongjecheon which takes around 15min from Hongdae to reach, but feels like it is world apart from the busy city of Seoul, can’t believe a place like this exist in Seoul.

Rose Stella Garden Incheon – Blooming Beauty: If you have a penchant for roses and lush gardens, Rose Stella Garden in Incheon is a romantic destination. This cafe is a celebration of all things floral, with vibrant rose gardens and charming seating areas. Their rose-flavored desserts, such as rose petal ice cream, are a delight for the senses.

Rainreport – Coffee with a View:  Located in the fashionable Itaweon-dong District, Rainreport offers more than just great coffee; it offers rain all year long. This cafe provides a perfect backdrop for your coffee moments. Their specialty lattes, like the lavender latte, are as visually appealing as they are delicious. The interiors are minimalistic and artistic, near the counter there is even a cloud display making you feel even more closer to nature.

Space  Shinseon- Art and Coffee Collide: This is where art and coffee intertwine. This gallery-cafe on the first floor is adorned with captivating artworks and offers a creative ambiance to enjoy your coffee. It’s a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. The view is beautiful too and the airy space is quite charming and feels inviting too.

Haus Coffee and Dessert – Sweet Indulgence:- For those with a sweet tooth, Haus Coffee and Dessert is paradise. With a wide array of delectable cakes and pastries, it’s the ideal place to pair your coffee with a heavenly dessert. Don’t leave without trying their signature cheesecakes and tarts, and do I have to mention that this place is extremely traditional in terms of interiors which makes it even more charming. The area on the right is absolutely famous for instagramers because of the window backdrop, so come here early if you want this particular spot.

Maha Hannam –  Located in the bustling Yongsan neighborhood, Maha Hannam offers a unique blend of traditional Korean tea and modern cafe culture. The cozy interiors creates a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. The view of the Han river from here is beautiful too, and I could sit here for hours admiring the cafe, its food and the view of the city.

Check Grow –  Check Grow is an under-the-radar gem known for its quality coffee and tranquil ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to work or simply unwind, this cafe delivers. Its located on the 8th floor of a building in Mapo which is barely a few steps away from the subway, you can order on the 8th floor and head to the 9th floor to enjoy your treats with the beautiful view. There is even a terrace from the view is serene, and its perfect to sit here when the weather is pleasant, this place has even been featured in a couple of K dramas.

The Mi Three (Dog Cafe) – In the lively Itaewon-dong district, The Mi Three is a dream come true. This dog cafe lets you enjoy your coffee alongside adorable canine companions. It’s a heartwarming experience that’s hard to beat. So sip your latte while petting the friendly resident dogs, isn’t that adorable?

Oeat – Organic Delights:  In the Yongsan-gu area is the wonderful Oeat, it is a haven for coffee drinkers. The cafe is located in a building which offers an exceptional view especially during the sunset which this is brimming with locals. They even have a decent selection of desserts which I liked, but most importantly I came here for the view which I loved!

Antique Coffee –  Antique Coffee in Songpa-gu invites you into a world of  elegance. The cafe’s decor is fascinating to say the least, it’s grand like a wedding! The place also serves some great desserts and coffee, and after a stroll along the Seokchon lake this is the place where you would want to be.

1 Man 1 cup – It is a stylish coffee haven near Hanoi  Village. It’s an excellent spot for those seeking a tranquil environment to enjoy their coffee. The view of the village with the mountain backdrop is absolutely stunning. This cafes goes out of their way to make you feel welcomed! Love their lemonade, which you have to try. I could sit here for hours just staring at the window, its perfect.

Donut Cafe Jeongsu – Where coffee meets mouthwatering Donuts, The cafe is known for its delectable donuts that come in various flavours, making it a great pairing with your coffee. This place is quite popular and it’s not only because of its desserts and coffee but also because it has a beautiful view. The place is airy, and has floor seating along with a few wooden chair seating too, making it traditional but yet modern in some sense, absolutely perfect.

Cha cha Tea Club in Jongno-gu-   Cha cha Tea Club is a serene oasis amidst the busy neighbourhood. While it’s a tea-centric spot, they offer excellent coffee options as well. I love how aesthetically pleasing the place is, and it surely shows all the efforts which have gone behind making this place gorgeous. It’s a bit difficult to get to the location as it’s tucked in an alley but trust me once you are there you will live what this place has to offer. If you like this location then you should even visit their other branch in Mapo-gu which is located in Yeonnam roof top, the view is phenomenal from here.

Teddy Beurre House –  This whimsical cafe is adorned with teddy bear-themed decor and offers a delightful experience for all ages. Their specialty is  teddy bear-shaped desserts which not only are adorable but tasty too. Its located in Yongsan district, and the French style decor along with the beloved teddy bear scattered all around,  makes this place a must visit.

Samdacozy – Art Meets Coffee:- Samdacozy is a fusion of art and coffee. The cafe has some great desserts but I was impressed by its interiors, its chic and surely modern. It’s definitely not your usual coffee places and I like that about it, it’s funky and edgy with a lot of drama in the interiors. It tries to replicate Jeju island in Seoul and it does it pretty well!

Teafference – Tea and Coffee Fusion:- Teafference is where tea and coffee coexist harmoniously. You can enjoy your favorite brew in a tranquil and cozy setting. Its located in Ikseondong, and its absolutely unlike any other cafes, its unique and beautiful with some lovely desserts and drinks to try.

Cafe Gong Myoung Hongdae Branch – Artsy Ambiance: In the vibrant Hongdae district, Gongmyoung offers an artsy ambiance, and creative decor, its a fairly new place and its already gaining a lot of attention. I likes to call this place a tiny little brick cafe, to escape from the busy streets of Hongdae this is an ideal place to visit with some delicious desserts and coffees. Its a dreamy place with loads of picture opportunities.

Conhas in Hannam Dong – Urban Retreat:-  Conhas is an urban retreat where you can escape the city’s hustle, its sure is a hidden gem. It has three floors and the ground floor even has a pool, how cool is that? Its just a few min walk from the Iteawon Main Street, you will have heap of photo opportunity here as the place is artist and with a edgy Bauhaus style.

S.Caf – A Rustic Hideaway- It’s a charming spot to enjoy your coffee in a quaint setting with a beautiful window, and some amazing drinks, the rooftop on the fourth floor makes this an ideal place to take in Seouls beautiful view. I would suggest you come here for sunset to enjoy the place even more, the cafe overlooks the Haebangchon district  and it makes a perfect place to take some instagram pictures too.

Cafe Sanare – Located just below the Bukhansan mountain this place feels so close to nature, if I could I would visit it so often as it was one of my favourite places in Seoul. Away from the city and straight into the lap of Mother Nature, they have done up the place incredibly beautiful and I love the view, makes it a perfect place for you backdrop pictures. Also don’t forget to try their coffees it’s pretty damn good!

Starbucks in Dongdaemun-gu –  I know, I am mentioning Starbucks, but this one is beautiful to say the least they have done it up so well that it deserves a mention. It gets quite busy so if you are looking to take some pictures without the crowd, highly recommend you go early.

Seoul’s cafes are not just places to grab a cup of coffee; they are experiences that will ignite your senses and leave you with lasting memories. Whether you’re sipping your brew in a quirky-themed cafe, an art-infused space, a serene garden setting, or a vintage hideaway, Seoul’s cafe culture has something for every coffee connoisseur. The best time to explore these coffee havens is during the cool autumn months when the city’s foliage adds an extra layer of charm. So, embrace Seoul’s cafe culture, one cup at a time, and savor the flavors of this dynamic city.



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