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Food places to try in Helsinki

Food has always been an integral part of my life and trying different restaurants and cuisines has always excited me. On my recent trip to Finland, I had the opportunity to try some of their best restaurants, experiences, markets, and dishes which might excite many, especially who would love to relish the Finnish dishes. Even though it was a short trip of two days I still managed to try some of the highly recommended places by locals and tourists.

Ekberg – One of the oldest cafes in Finland this one has a special place in the heart of locals. Being pretty popular here they even serve buffet so you can try not one but a few signature dishes of this iconic cafes. Don’t forget the Alexandria cake which is similar to Mille Feuille but way better.

Hakaniemi hall – A new market place which has replaced the old one, don’t be intimidated by all the locals as it’s one of the places to shop for all your veggies, meat products and ingredients. There are quite a few cafes where you can try some fresh juices or indulge in a lovely meal to try some Finnish dishes.

Old Market Hall – Being in the centre of Helsinki this place is more popular among tourists than the locals but that doesn’t stop you from strolling around here and trying some Finnish food from the numerous cafes and restaurants located inside the hall.

Palace – A Michelin star restaurant in Helsinki this place should be considered if you like to savour over some great Finnish food but with a modern twist. The staff is humble, the atmosphere is sophisticated and the food is magnificent. You can choose between a full experience or a half depending on your appetite, but regardless this restaurant should be on your list.

Chapter – This Nordic influenced restaurant has a secret menu and it might seem intimidating to some but as long as you mention your dietary requirements they take care of your needs pretty well. The food was one of the best I have had and would recommend this unique experience to many passionate foodies.

Social Burger Joint – Even though this place is known for its meaty hamburgers I was here to try their Vegan Burger as I have heard a lot of great things about it. At one point I was convinced I am having meat, the textures are so similar. It’s a nice alternative if you want a break from red meat.

Fafa – This restaurant has quite a few chains and for a hearty falafel meal you should try this place. The dishes are reasonably priced and the falafels are flavoursome. 

Cafe Regatta – One of the oldest cafes in Helsinki this is a petite little place serving some nibbles and beverages. Located near the Sibelius monument and the sea it’s a place you should check out. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their famous Cinnamon buns and Blueberry Pies, in their cosy atmosphere.


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