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Supremely Elegant High Tea at Lotus Lounge, Anantara Palm

Cornered away in Anantara is their Lotus Lounge facing the Dubai view which also offers the view of their infinity pool. Anantara Dubai is one of the few places which makes me forget I am in Dubai and instantly transports me to a land surrounded by ocean, picturesque view and food for the soul.

Getting a dose of my weekly obsession I was here to try their High Tea which was just perfect to enjoy in this pleasant climate, out in their open terrace. Paired along with a few herbal teas and juices comes along a beautiful stand which consists of sandwiches, scones, cakes, and pastries.

For those who love all things sweet will be in for a fine surprise as the beautiful macaroons, fruit cakes, and tarts not only appeal to the heart but also satisfy the soul.

With the glorious stand and the lovely little treats this High Tea at Lotus Lounge is a culinary delight which shall make you want to come back again. Unsurprisingly, this place is pretty popular with tourists as well as the locals so make sure to reserve your spot before you head here.

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