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7 Best Weekend Trips Around The World

After a long week of hard work and stress at your job, weekends are the perfect times to plan a trip into the wilderness get you refreshed before the coming week. If you love driving or bike riding, nothing beats an off-road trip to keep your adrenaline pumped up over the weekends. An off-road trip is basically driving or riding a vehicle over unsurfaced roads or natural terrains. We have compiled the top 7 weekend off-road trips to different destinations around the world.

1.Mount Disappointment

“Don’t judge a place by its name” is apt for this awesome off-roading spot in eastern Australia. When explorers were trying to find Port Philip Bay in eastern Australia, they were disappointed to find a bunch of tall trees and hence named the mountain accordingly. However, this mountain situated 54 km from Melbourne is home to exciting 4WD and forest tracks for off-road driving. You can reach the forested area from Heathcote junction via the Hume Freeway. From the junction, it’s a challenging drive up the rocky Phosphate track and Quarry Road. There are plenty of accommodation and camping sites here. To comfortably carry equipment for camping it’s advisable to get a sturdy roof rack fitted on your vehicle. For good quality roof racks, Melbourne is the place you should check out. Plan your trip in advance as the best 4WD tracks are seasonally closed and good rains give you a great look of the Strath Creek Falls.

2.Moab, Utah

If you are passionate about riding an ATV (All-terrain vehicle), you must try off-roading in the red rocky terrains of Moab in Utah. This terrain comprises of beautiful scenery, sand, cliffs, water, smooth rocks, and enormous boulders. It’s a difficult terrain to practice off-roading and demands immense physical and mechanical skills which in turn adds up to a complete adventurous experience. You can even find wildlife like deers, elks, and moose in this vast wilderness. Beginners can go for the trails like Chicken Corners which travels over the Colorado River Canyon. For the more adventurous drivers, the Moab Rim provides a very difficult trail with steep rocky slopes and sudden drops. Do attend the 9 days annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab.

3.Sawtooth National Recreational Area, Idaho (USA)

Sawtooth National Park in the mountains of Idaho provides an epic riding experience for both four-wheelers and single-track motorcycle rides. The ATV tracks are for beginner to moderate riders. However, the single tracks for dirt bikes are very challenging with too many narrow hairpins turns, steep drops, and rocky sections. Most riders prefer the Baumgartner area for the adventure activities as this area has nice hot water springs, a swimming hole and plenty of opportunities for fishing, white water rafting, and wildlife watching.

4.Death Valley National Park, California

As the name suggests, this national park becomes completely unbearable during the summer heat. However, during spring and winter, it is an absolutely fabulous destination for four-wheels off-road driving. The National Park has more than 1000 miles of paved and dirt roads which are by far the largest in any national park in the United States. These trails provide stunning views of multiple canyons and many opportunities for recreation and exploration. The Lookout City is one of the favourite trails amongst riders and it is situated just south of the Panamint Springs Resort. Some exploratory sites are the Modoc mine, the Charcoal Kilns in the Wildrose Canyon and the famous Manson Ranch. Other than this trail, the road trips in California is also worth a tour with amazing scenery which you cannot miss.

5.Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado (USA)

This is one of the most popular trails among backcountry enthusiasts. The alpine loop is also called Colorado Classic. This trail lies on the southwest of Denver. It’s an amazing 63-mile trail through the stunning San Juan Mountains that cross two 12,000-foot passes surrounded with beautiful views. On this trail, you will find historic routes and skeletons of the old mining towns. It takes a day to cover the trail or you can split it in two days and camp for a night. The recommended route is to start at Corkscrew Gulch, eight miles south of Ouray on Highway 550. This trail is accessible on two-wheelers but we recommend you to take four-wheeler. The Alpine loop trail closes during winters. We are sure that this trail will give you lots of memories to live by.

6.Off-roading in Dubai (UAE)

If your work brings you to Dubai and you want to chill out over the weekends, then you must try off-roading in Dubai. Jump into a 4WD jeep and enjoy the desert drive on sand dunes from Fossil Rock to Hatta. On weekends, you will also be able to see some bikers and riders showing stunts on the dunes. If you want a more difficult terrain to drive, you can choose the 15km trail from Nazwa Road to Pink Rocks where you will come across the huge sand dune named Bidayer. It is nothing less than a mountain climb and is recommended for experienced drivers only.

7.Bonniedale Farm, Western Cape (South Africa)

If you are in South Africa for your job, do try the dirt bike or motorcycle off-road trips in the Bonniedale Farm, situated in the Outeniqua Mountain between Mossel Bay and Oudtshoorn. This Farm has got ample accommodation and camping facilities. The far has beginner tracks running through Attaquaskloof and 30kms of advanced tracks consisting of steep rocky terrain with a stream crossing. Do carry adequate motorcycle accessories with you while on the trip. We hope that the above weekend off-road trips to these destinations will give you a refreshing start to a new week’s work. Enjoy these trail rides with beautiful views along with your friend or alone. Always ensure safety first. Wear the right gear during off-road driving or riding and carry a good camera to capture many memories and landscapes. Among this list of 7 off-road weekend getaways, do try and share with us which one is your favourite?

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