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Best places to visit in Cyprus

Cyprus being an Eastern Mediterranean destination is gaining all the love from tourists as it offers some of the best beaches, cheeses, archeological sites and an amazing party life. You can either appreciate the laid back life or head out for a road trip exploring some of the best places this wonderful country has to offer. Being a tiny island it has it’s advantages as you can easily drive to most of it’s cities and relish the breathtaking views it has to offer. 

As a tourists there are many places, attractions and activities to do in Cyprus but some of the cities which should be on your Cypriot itinerary are:-

Nicosia – Being the capital of Cyprus this city has so much to offer in terms of museums, cultural highlights, and attractions. Interestingly developed this city is still divided between Cyprus and Greek Cypriot. Don’t miss out on the famous Venetian Walls or the old town. Nicosia is also known as ‘Lefkosia’ is the only divided capital in the world and has some of the most charming places to visit.

Ayia Napa – If we are talking about Cyprus how can we miss the picturesque Ayia Napa which is known for its beaches. A pretty known town in Cyprus this place has been blessed with beautiful coastline, restaurants and an amazing night life especially in the summers. White sandy Nissi Beach is a perfect place to plan a picnic or to take part in many of the water activities here.

Larnaka – A chilled out town where you can even find pink flamingos in spring time. Larnaka offers a balance between the city life and the calm of the Mediterranean island. There are quite a few tourists attractions here like the Ayios Lazaros Church, Larnaka Marina, Medical Castle and their popular Mackenzie Beach which you shouldn’t miss.

Limassol – If I had to choose a city to stay in Cyprus it would be Limassol, urbane lifestyle, modern architecture and it still very well blends in with the Cypriot traditions and culture. Venture out and explore the medieval history at Kourion which is also a UNESCO World Heritage or the dynamic Old Town which is known for the superb Limassol Castle, Cathedral or the Grand Mosque. One of my favourite places here was the Limassol Marina which has different restaurants and cafes and nothing can compete with the breathtaking view from here.

Paphos – Constant chase for sunshine ends at this ideal beach town of Paphos. This place has some great sightseeing options like Tombs of Kings, ruins and some great rocks off the beach. You can also find great options of restaurants here and for the kids as well there is a water park, beach activities and a Paphos Zoo. Having an impressive stretch of 50km of coastline you can find some stunning beaches here as well.

So with such lovely places to see around in Cyprus, what’s stopping you from booking your next ideal getaway in this sunny country. 

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