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Discovering the charm of Ithaca

Ithaca, might look like a tiny island compared to it’s neighbours Kefalonia or even Lefkada but it is still very popular among tourists who come here to find peace, tranquility and enjoy the crystal clear beaches. This island is also famous because of the poem ‘Odysseus’ by its greek author Homer, he is one of the popular poets not only in Greece but the world.

Back in the days this island was rules by the Romans, French, Byzantines and for a brief period even by the Russians. 

To reach the island, you have to take a ferry either from Athens, but unfortunately it’s not direct or from the nearby island Kefalonia which also has the nearest airport to reach the island.

Start by touring Vathi – Along the harbour is this lovely capital of Ithaca, the houses here depict a strong Venetian influence, and it is worth appreciating it. Around here you can see the Archeological Museum, the famed Odysseus statue, Cathedral of Ithaca, and the Navy Folklore museum. If you intend to hike, then you can visit the Monastery of Panagia Kathariotissa which is around 600 meters above sea level and offers spectacular view of the town of Vathi.

Caves of Ithaca – So if you are into seeing caves then you won’t be disheartened as Ithaca has two popular caves to visit, its not too big but has a interesting city. Cave of Nymphs is one of the famed attractions here followed by Cave of Rizes, this one was also used to keep animals back in the day’s. Both the caves need a fair amount of walking to reach so be prepared!

Beaches of Ithaca – If you have come to Greece you must be prepared to sunbathe at their lovely beaches and Ithaca won’t disappoint you, it has plenty of beautiful beaches to start with, you can check out Filiatro, which is a pebble beach and is very close to the centre but you like a bit of quietness then you can visit Agios Ionnis which isn’t too far either but you won’t find any facilities here. Another busy one but with splendid view of the ocean is Sarakiniko Beach, followed by Dexia beach which is just a few minutes away by car from Vathy.

Archeological sites – If you are visiting Greece then you will be aware that it has plethora of historical places to see like the Odysseus Palace which is one of the most visited place on the island, a few tour companies offer walking tour around the ruins. Pyramids of Exogi, is another historical place to check out if you are around the village of Exogi.

Visit the village of Kioni or Frikes – Not to far from Vathy is another quaint fishing town of Kioni, the houses here are perched on the mountains and its a good chance to check out the coffee shops or restaurants around, it won’t disappoint you.

In Frikes, you can see the two windmills which is overlooking the harbour, or walk around the several shops, cafes and taverns.

Activities to do – Like any other island of Greece, even Ithaca offers a range of activities like fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking and even hiking. My favourite pastime here is going on sunset cruises and seeing the island in the gorgeous golden hour!

With barely over 3,000 residents on the island it is a perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy the charming aura of the island without the crazy tourists of the more popular islands.

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