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Five Best Day trips from Rome

Rome is indeed a fascinating place to visit but if you like to take the opportunity to venture out from the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest city there are quite a few beautiful options for a day trip you have been looking forward too. After going through 100’s of websites and doing intense research myself I came up with some of the best places which are easy to reach either by car or train, and most of them are less than two to three hours away.

Tivoli – This ideally is one of the easiest day trips from Rome and also one which is preferred by many tourists as it takes just under an hour to reach here. You can either drive or take a direct train. Tivoli is known for three main attractions which are also UNESCO World Heritage site, Villa d’Este, Hadrian’s Villa, and Villa Gregoriana. Start your trip from the 16th century Villa d’Este, the garden here is spectacular and there are plenty of things to see. The palace too is quite impressive and showcases some great paintings and room. You can later make your way towards Villa Gregoriana which is a 9min walk from Villa d’Este, this park is known for its caves and waterfall.

Villa Adriana or better known as Hadrian’s Villa was one of the most preferred places to live as he disliked his palace in Rome. This villa belonged to his wife and is one grand place to visit.

Naples – This city is considered a gateway to the Amalfi coast, city of Pompei and most importantly it is the birthplace of the original wood-fired pizza and the restaurant which invented it, still exist. There are plenty of beaches around here and an active volcano mountain. Some of the things you should see on your visit here are the Galleria Borbonica which is an underground museum with an impressive history, it is truly fascinating to see the cars, motorcycles, and the engineering behind this underground cave. You can even head to the 18th century Royal Palace of Caserta, the gardens, aqueduct and a hunting lodge which makes this a monumental place.

Besides these major attractions another highlight of Naples is the city of Pompei, this archaeological site was buried under the ashes of Mount Vesuvius. This site is admirable and the history around is worth knowing. If you do have time you can even head to the Catacombs, I don’t want to give up too much of details but it is an unusually creepy but a fun place to tick of your bucket list. Naples, at times, does get overlooked because of its reputation but it still has so much history to offer! If time indents you can even check out the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Piazza de Plebiscito and lastly don’t forget to binge on that Pizza!

The fast train from Rome to Naples takes 1 hour and 8min, and there are around 33 trains departing Rome to Naples in a day.

Saturnia’s Hot Springs – Take this wonderful opportunity to see the spectacular set of sulphurous springs which dates back to 3,000 years. The natural water here is gushing with minerals and is considered excellent for your skin and hair. It takes slightly over 2 hours by car and even though there is no direct train to this village of Saturnia, it is still easily reached by combining a few train and bus rides but of course, a car ride is easier. 

Do not confuse this free hot springs with Terme di Saturnia which is a wellness resort. There are a group of hot springs around here but the most beautiful is Cascate del Mulino.

Orvieto – A journey to this region of Umbria will take you about an hour and a half by car and slightly less than by train. This hilly town of Orvieto comes as a sweet surprise. If arriving at this gem of a place by train then you have to take a funicular up-to to the old town and start your tour by exploring the Orvieto’s Cathedral, it is beautiful at the same time odd as the ceiling depicts some dark pictures of hell, demons and blood. After this you should surely start your underground cave tour of the city, there are over 1200 caves here, isn’t that fascinating?

Another strange attraction here is the 175 feet St. Patrick’s well, you can surely take a visit inside the well which has 248 steps.  If you like to admire the view of the city then climb Torre de Moro (tower), it gives a beautiful picture of the city. It would be wise to purchase the Orvieto which has access to a couple of important attractions in the city. Some other things to see here would be the Church of San Giovenale, Albornoz Fortress, and the Archeological museum.

Bracciano – Escape to this wonderland of nature which is less than an hour away from Rome. This place used to be a fishing village before an influential family of Orsini took over it. There is a good amount of history, and nature in the little town, making it worth a visit. The highlight, of course, remains the 15th century Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, which is used for events and is also a museum. Next up you should see is the Lake Bracciano which has its origin from a volcano and tectonic activity which took place over 600,000 to 40,000 years ago. At present, you can go kayaking, swimming and eat seafood from the lake. 

Day trip to Bracciano is perfect if you want to leave the hectic life of Rome behind, and at the same time not spend too much time on the commute.

Rome surely is spectacular but there are so many places to see beyond the capital city and even though the list can go on these are few of the easiest day trips, and could be easily achieved in a days time.

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