Grand Hyatt Dubai – A Charming Resort with a touch of Elegance

After a busy holiday in India I felt absolutely delighted to get back to my city in Dubai and knowing that I had a upcoming stay at Grand Hyatt made me equally excited. Grand Hyatt established in early 2003 has a grand entrance boasting of an indoor rainforest which till today fascinates me.

Our check in did take a good amount of time considering it was a long weekend and the hotel was absolutely busy. Since we had an hour wait before we got our room we decided to try their new brunch offering at The Collective, this hotel has a number of restaurants, you name the cuisine and they have one restaurant for it.

After our lunch we finally made our way to the room. The rooms have a classic interior and the view you get from here is unbelievably beautiful. I did feel the furnitures were a bit outdated and the bathroom’s didn’t consist much of the necessity amenities which were some of the drawbacks but the room service was flawless and the number of activities this hotel offers makes up for the tiny bit of loss with the room decor.

Next morning after a deep slumber I quickly made my way to the gorgeous swimming pool, don’t forget they have a indoor pool as well which is not very common in Dubai. After which I was ready to feast in Breakfast at the Grand Club, a bit surprising since the food options were a bit limited. I had a signature massage booked at Ahasees Club and Spa. The Spa room were spacious with a option to choose my own calming music and the 60min tranquility massage left me completely unwind and stress free. Recommended for everyone who loves to take a break from their hectic schedule and want to feel completely pampered.

I am so glad team Grand Hyatt gave me a late check out which gave me the time to explore more of this beautiful resort and being a gym fanatic I also enjoyed a energizing workout. After this spectacular end to my stay I do feel ready for the coming week. Thank you Grand Hyatt for some lovely memories to look back too.

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