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Azkadenya – A mix of Arab world Cuisines

Azkadenya is a very unique restaurant which is true to it’s origin country Amman and this theme is kept alive not only with the food but also with the interiors which shares with us some cultures of the Arabic cities. A middle eastern menu which has a mix and match of some of the best dishes of the Arab world is all what Azkadenya is about.

I was at the Mall Of Emirates branch which was throbbing with people eagerly awaiting to try their dishes. The menu being vast makes it difficult to decide on just a few dishes so here I was asking suggestions from the courteous staff who helped me decide on some of the popular dishes here.

Taking it slowly with the Freekah Soup (Chicken Soup with Wheat) perfect for those cold winter night, a bit thick but still pleasing. If you head out from this restaurant without trying the Chicken Wing sampler you are missing on the star of the menu, how I loved sucking all the juices and tingling sauces from these three unique chicken wings.

Sawani and Fukkkara are traditional Jordanian dishes and Azkadenya has not one but a few dishes dedicated to this cuisine. I tried the Chicken and Mushroom Fukharet which is a bit sour and would be a heavenly dish for mushroom lovers. The Sawani with meat comes in a yogurt based gravy which has sharp and strong flavors which goes well with the hot bread or even with steamed rice.

Desserts here look very appealing especially the Osmaliyet Ward (Kunafeh with Rose Icecream) and Nammourtna also known as the bread of the royal palace it is drizzled with syrup and covered in cream, A perfect balance between sweetness and creaminess it is a treat for the eyes as well as the tummy. The Karak Chai on the other hand could be a little more stronger to be called perfect.

Azkadenya is a restaurant which I suppose every person who loves Middle Eastern cuisines should try at lest once.

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