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Brunch 068 at Prime 68 – JW Marriott Marquis

We may already know Prime 68 in JW Marriott Marquis has received tremendous amounts of applause for its most intriguing meat cuts. It has also earned many loyal customers who lust over the beautiful view, and food here. But recently there is another reason to rejoice especially if you are a dedicated fan of this place, their ‘Brunch068‘ which gives a creative twist to our usual Friday Brunch.

Sparkling table setup with a few freshly baked bread platter to welcome you is an ideal way to begin your afternoon which is followed by a massive seven-course food coma. With live band entertaining you with their peppy tunes be prepared to fall in love at this meat feast party.

A few bits and pieces from the appetizers does leave your full but do leave some space for the main highlight which are the different cuts and choices of meat. From the entrées don’t miss out on the Tuna Tartare, Foie Gras specialties, and Mushroom Martini. Both quality and presentation are not compromised which makes you appreciate the place more.

Now for the real treat, be prepared to be dazzled by the overwhelming platter of meat. Medium cooked rib eye and stir-loin have an intense moist texture which can instantly become your favorite, and for the seafood lovers, you can indulge in some Sea Bass and oddly neat Prawns.

The emphasis here is not just on the meaty dishes but also on the desserts so get ready to be mesmerized by their classic pastry, profiteroles, and cakes. Lastly get surprised by their white chocolate fountain which has various sprinkles and dips to make your Brunch outstandingly remarkable.

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