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Apart from eating I also love to see movies especially since I live a few minutes away from Mall Of The Emirates. This mall has one of the newest and advanced Vox cinemas, with many screens and various experiences to choose from, you will be spoilt with options. Today, I was here to see the box office hit ‘Fast & Furious 8’ but not the standard way.

Michelin Star chef Gary Rhodes has collaborated with Vox cinemas, and here you can experience his food and see movies in the most comfortable and luxurious way, which just keeps getting better. Theatre by Rhodes is an expensive way to see a movie, but it just enhances the overall event. You can choose from the various food options which are specially crafted by Chef Gary Rhodes and his team.

Reclining seats, soft blankets, and food service at your seat is what you can look forward too before my movie began the hospitable staff recommended me some of the signature suggestions, making my life easier. Beef Sliders, Mushroom Fritters and Seafood Platter were a few of the things I could sample today and rest assured some of the dishes tasted way better than a fine dining restaurant.

Theatre by Rhodes is an experience which elevates the overall movie seeing method, I do understand it’s expensive, but it’s something you could consider for a special occasion¬†or for events where you want to make lasting memories with movies.

Price Breakdown:-

160dhs for each ticket
400dhs spent on all food and drinks

For more information visit Vox Cinemas.

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