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Coming home to a good night sleep

Having stayed in the UK we are flooded with options to buy mattresses from different companies and they all usually come with a return policy but in Dubai there aren’t many dealers who can provide the same service or quality when it comes down to mattresses. 

I recently came across Whisper Mattress which provide mattress in a box along with protection from Electromagnetic waves which emits from your TV, or any electric gadgets. Apart from this the mattress even has silver in it which naturalises iron and kills bacteria.

The mattress comes in different sizes and it has the option of firm and soft side which in my opinion is great as we all have our preferences. It’s easy to wash the mattress cover too.

I have tested this mattress now and can vouch for it, had a long relaxing nap especially since I am a light sleep. This definitely is a luxury product and for people who care about good night, sleep should surely invest in it. If you do change your mind before 100 days you can even get your money back, isnt that a sweet deal now?

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