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Five Best Dishes to try at Hanami, Andaz Dubai

Dubai, is finally ready to welcome guests and as things are slowly getting back together there are also a couple of new restaurants which have opened up. In the last few months we all have had enough of home food and for me it’s time to dine out and try some of the  restaurants which have entered the Dubai food scene recently.

One such place which I have been eager to try is Hanami in the newly opened Andaz in Palm Jumeirah. The restaurant is perfectly perched on the 15th floor of the hotel impressing guests with a beautiful view of the vicinity.

I am a loyal fan of Japanese cooking and after trying my hands at some the iconic dishes I have immense respect for the chefs who try to create a tantalising fair of dishes which is not only divine for our palate but also pleasing for the eye too.

So if you happen to try this new Japanese restaurant in Andaz hotel I have a recommendation of five best dishes which you should surely order:-

Ebi Gyoza – There is no better way to start your food fiesta here than by ordering this delicious Gyozas. It takes me back to Japan where I used to gobble down a couple of these easily, great flavours and makes for a fab appetiser. 

Pirikara Maguro – If you are at a Japanese restaurant you need to order some of the cliche dishes, and one such dish here is this sushi served with some tempura flakes and a kimchi sauce.

Wagyu Katsu Bun – Served in a takeaway box comes this beautiful wagyu dish, the juicy meat with the katsu sauce makes a wholesome appetiser. 

Ebi Tempura – Missing the good old tempura? Then go ahead and order this dish as the Prawns go brilliantly well with the mayo sauce and you wouldn’t regret filling up on these.

Green Tea-Ramisu – To end the lovely dinner here you should try their take on the Tiramisu, without giving out much it is  indeed a pleasant sweet surprise.

Hanami, thanks for making my first meal post covid so wonderful, will be back more often.

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