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Atmosphere gets experimental with its new Lounge menu

If you are looking for a space to celebrate your special occasion or just want to witness the ultimate City view, there is no place better then Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa. This place has something for everyone, from breakfast, high teas, and a lounge ambience which makes your day here exceptional. Even though I have visited Atmosphere quite a few times, this was my first time in the night.

As the weekend feeling sweeps in, I head to the 123 floor where apart from the shimmering view, I will be trying some new creations from their menu. The lounge has a distinct style, sophisticated glamour and manicured staff which try their utmost best to please you.

After the initial excitement of being in Atmosphere seeps in, go ahead and look at their intriguing menu which will excite you with a myriad of dishes. You all must have had Burrata before, but have you tried it with coffee? Yes, this places serves Burrata with a strong hint of coffee which makes the dish unique. Smoked Salmon had an intense texture along with a flavorful sour tinge to it, apart from this do try the Tuna Tataki as well.

Mac and Cheese lovers will surely fall for this one; it has an aromatic truffle flavour, a crisp edge along with a subtle dip so that it doesn’t feel too bland. Pretzel Chicken was decent but could be slightly moister.

From the selection of drinks you can choose from quite a few, they have some quirky mocktails as well. Atmosphere for me is not just a place to come and unwind but also the time I feel most grateful to be in this city, Dubai.

For more information visit Atmosphere.

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