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Five Best Attractions in Abu Dhabi

Being the capital of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi has so many attractions which are at times overlooked by the tourists but here are some places which have cultural impotence, historical relevance, fun theme parks, and shopping extravaganza which will delight you. In the last few years, I have been visiting Abu Dhabi quite frequently and love this place as much as any other of my favourite cities.

I came up with a list of amazing attractions here which will make you fall in love with Abu Dhabi all over again.

Louvre Abu Dhabi – Started in 2017 this museum from Paris is gaining a lot of attention and it’s all for good reasons. It has some magnificent artworks, film screenings, enlightening talks, intriguing history facts, and some great exhibits. They even do guided tours, kayaking and sketching workshops here. You can easily spend hours here without realising. I booked my tour with Musement and luckily skipped the line and got straight into the exhibit.

Yas Island – No trip to Abu Dhabi would be complete without visiting this entertainment and leisure island. It has malls, Ikea, theme parks like Ferrari World, Yas Water World, and Warner Bros. There are tons of restaurants and this island even has excess to beach. It has pretty much everything to make your day exciting and fun-filled. I have been here more then I should and I don’t feel bored visiting this island over and over again.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – It is true that this mosque had no budget when it was being built and that’s one of the reasons it stands out. The intricate details on the marble, the exquisite chandelier, the magnificent carpet and many more fascinating facts make this mosque a must-visit. This mosque is one of the largest in the country and can fill up-to 40,000 worshippers. 

Emirates Palace – This luxurious five-star hotel is dripping in gold, and every corner in here is exquisite. Taking a stroll around here is like being a part of this royal resort, the tapestry here are remarkable and indulging in an afternoon tea in one of their cafes is like a living a dream.

Qasr Al Watan – This newly build palace offers an insight into the world of governance, history of UAE and at the same time you can dine in their magnificent restaurants, browse through their library and indulge in some shopping. It is important to know that this is a working palace and houses the government proceedings too. There is a beautiful light and music show which takes place at 7.30 pm every day which is delightful.

Abu Dhabi never disappoints, and it’s always my escape plan when I am tired with the busy life of Dubai or the constant hustle and bustle of the tourists around.

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