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Bab Al Yam – Burj Al Arab

Who isn’t aware of Burj Al Arab? This hotel has gained it’s popularity from the time it started building on the beauteous island of Dubai and being one of the superior hotel in the world I was more then excited to receive a invite to have my weekend lunch at their newly refurbished restaurant Bab Al Yam.

This restaurant wasn’t accessible earlier unless you were staying at this hotel but due to popular demand and its magnificent view it was just fair to let everyone have a chance to dine here. With the 360 degree view of the pristine ocean this restaurant would be my ideal choice if I wanted to see Burj Al Arab and at the same time experience their hospitality.image

A laid back relax afternoon at the pool with a buffet of dishes awaits your rumbling tummies. Salads, Pizzas, Soups, Lebanese Dips and a lot more bits and pieces to make you feel at ease and fulfilled. To add more I would definitely push you to try their saucy pastas. They don’t display a vast proposition of food but at the same time it’s not very limited. Food even though it was refilled was slightly cold for my liking.image

Chef Manish, to keep you tranquil, also has a small BBQ counter where smoking grills are prepared and served right to your table. Apart from this my favorite was the Adana Yogurt Kebab and Mushroom stuffed Chicken. I would have easily wiped out most of these if I wouldn’t be health conscious or should I say guilty of gaining weight.image

As I moved my way to the Dessert counter my face had a baby like smile after seeing a water tap running with chocolate or should I say a new version of Chocolate fountain. Besides these various versions of sorbets and pastries to end your wholesome lunch with a hearty stomach. Lastly do make it a point before you leave the restaurant to take a stroll in their outdoor area to catch a glitzy view of My Dubai.image

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